One Last Thing: 7 Unusual Final Requests In Wills And Obituaries

It’s pretty obvious, but a will or an obituary are normally the last place one can send a message or make a statement as they wrap up their lives. Usually, there’s nothing inherently comedic or weird about such documents, but there are plenty of interesting exceptions.

A Pittsburgh man died this week and made the news for the last line he had put in his obituary. “Jeffrey would ask that in lieu of flowers, please do not vote for Donald Trump.”

Fredric Bauer was a prolific inventor who created among other things the Pringles can. His will stated that he be cremated and then buried in such a can. Dare we say he was a salty dude?

pringles burial

Roger Brown was a Brit whose 2013 will included a provision leaving around $5000 for some of his best friends to go on a drinking spree. Said one beneficiary ““We would like to formally apologise to Roger’s two sons, Sam and Jack, for taking away some of their inheritance. We spent most of it on beer, the rest we wasted.”


Leona Helmsley was a wealthy hotelier who famously left twelve million dollars to her dog. A judge decided that was nuts and reduced the amount to two million dollars. That’s still a lot of kibble.

One of the coolest wills we know of was from a wealthy man in Portugal named Luis Carlos de Noronha Cabral da Camara. He left money to 70 strangers randomly found in the phone book. So, in case you are on the fence about it, there’s at least one advantage to having a published number.


Harry Houdini could escape nearly everything but death, and he famously included a provision in his will that his wife hold a séance each year so she could talk to him. Spoiler alert: she didn’t actually get through. Maybe they just have bad phone service in magician heaven?

We’ll leave with what’s likely the funniest if not most biting request found in a will. German poet Heinrich Heine left everything to his wife on the condition that she get remarried. His reasoning? “Because then there will be at least one man to regret my death.”

raining cash