7 Weird Celebrity Tribute Paintings Made From Crazy Stuff

For some reason “edgy” artists love painting things with poop. I guess if you are a starving artist trying to get your work out there and don’t have money for paint; you have to use what’s available to you. That, or they are just trying to get attention. The most recent addition to the poop portrait genre is a Brooklyn street artist named KATSU. Well if he is named after the delicious Japanese style fried chicken he can’t be that bad… but if he eats a lot of Katsu, I wonder how that effected the consistency of his paint?

1. You could say that the young billionaire has a shit eating grin.

KATSU will have Zuckerberg and a series of tech giants painted in poo this February on display at The Hole gallery in NYC which seems appropriate. The gallery says that the showcase will include;

“…shit paintings that are meticulous renderings of tech giants in control of more information than the government, created from the compromising bio-matter of the artist.”

I find it strange that he is using poop, since the whole thing seems kind of douchie. Keeping that in mind let’s take a look at more weird celebrity “tributes.” OK, so not all of these are made from poop, but they were all painted using something odd or made from something odd. And by “odd” I mean body fluids, genitals and cheese. Yum!

2. Margaret Cho, Portrait Made From Her Own Blood

Comedian Margaret Cho commissioned a painting from artist Vincent Castiglia (I too am disappointed this is not Ming The Merciless) to paint her portrait using 72 milliliters of her own blood.

3. Kim Kardashian, Butt Photo Painted With Artist’s Penis

Back in December we told you about Danish artist Uwe Max Jensen who painted a recreation of the infamous Kim Kardashian butt photo… using his penis. While Jensen used real paint and not body fluid, he did use his “natural paint brush” to create the fine strokes for this foul booty portrait.

4. Justin Bieber, Made Out Of Cheese

“Food Artist” Faye Halliday made a portrait of Justin Bieber out of squeezy cheese. Now all those Belieber can lick up his face off their wall just like they dreamed of.

5. Miley Cyrus Painted With The Artist’s Tongue  

[[contentId: 2538318| | size: 75]]

To be clear this painting was made by using the artist’s tongue as a brush, not bits of his tongue as the paint; that would be horrific you sicko. Nathan Wyburn created this portrait of Miley Cyrus by using the most appropriate brush he could find for the tongue wagging singer. Watch him complete his masterwork in the video above.

6. Katy Perry Painted With Cat Food

Nathan Wyburn loves painting weird stuff and the Welsh artist also created this image of pop star Katty Perry out of cat food. More like Kitty Purry, am I right?

7. Conan O’Brian, Using Cheetos

Artist, Jaon Baalman has been painting with Cheetos for years, creating portraits of celebrities and politicians like Obama and Mitt Romney. However I think his most appropriate work is of orange haired comedian Conan O’Brian.

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Source: Arnet News