7 VHS Box Covers For Modern Film & TV Shows

Unlike purchasing albums on vinyl records, there has never been a demand to release films and television series on VHS tapes. Well, listen up hipsters looking for a new way to all be unique together; an artist from France has created a website called “Stan’s VHS” that recreates current shows and films as if they were released in the era of VCR’s. He includes hit shows like Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead which somehow totally makes me want to re-watch them on tape!


In the age of Netflix and instant streaming there is something I miss about physically driving down to the video store, standing there looking through the musty shelves and taking home a hunk of plastic to shove in your VCR. The best part was even if you hated the movie, you forced yourself to watch it because you already plunked down $4 bucks. My favorite VHS cases were those extra-large white ones that were only used for Disney movies and porno films.

An actual VHS – remember these?

To Prove that this isn’t just a cool Photoshop job, the artist even has a clip of himself pulling out the fully realized VHS tapes from his shelf:


Get your tracking button ready; you totally got to watch these on tape, man.
















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Source: NeatoRama