7 Two-Headed Animals And Other Freakish Mutations That Will Give You The Creeps!

There is something inherently creepy about animals born with two heads or an odd number of limbs. Maybe we are just jealous that they actually are unique snowflakes and have broken the mold?  

1. Goat In China With Two Front Legs Learns To Walk

This little goat born last year in China has front wheel drive. While only having two front legs she has taught herself to walk, play and eat like a “normal” goat.

2. Two Headed Dolphin Found On Beach



In 2014 a two-headed dolphin washed up dead on a beach in the country of Turkey. It was discovered by a shocked gym teacher who thankfully did not request a note from a doctor as to why Flipper was going to sit out class.

3. Two Headed Cow Born In Florida



Farm owner Dwight Crews says that in his sixty years of farming he has never encountered a two headed bovine. The calf which he named Annabel was born in 2015 and has two heads, four eyes, two mouths, two noses, and two ears. So when it’s hungry it will moo in stereo.

4. Two-Headed Piglet Abandoned At Buddhist Temple



Xinkou in China is where a two-headed piglet was left on the doorstep of a Buddhist temple. Perhaps it was left there as an offering to Buddha, but a passerby discovered the piglet and adopted him as a pet. You thought walking a puppy in the park would pick up the ladies, wait until they see this guy coming.

5. Two-Headed Snake



Snakes are creepy to begin with. So this guy is doubly creepy with both his slithering lounges darting out at us. Ah!

6. Two-Faced Cat



This double faced cat named Frank and Loui must have 18 lives.

7. Catopus! The Cat With Eight Legs

You thought your cat knocking things off the table was bad. Try owning a cat with eight legs! This thing would be able to break your stuff twice as fast.


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