7 Stylish Experimental Spaceships NASA Should Use

Today was a big day for fans of human space exploration and those looking for a viable way to get off this planet and away from other humans. NASA awarded contracts to two of the three companies competing to be the provider of crewed missions to the International Space Station as part of The Commercial Crew Program. Long time NASA partner Boeing and newer start up, Elon Musk’s Space X, were rewarded $4.2 billion and $2.6 billion respectively.

NASA retired the space shuttle program several years ago and has since been relying on Russia for its astronauts to get into space. But thanks to these new contracts, Americans will no longer have to hitch a ride with the Russians! USA! USA! USA!

Space X will provide its Dragon 2 capsule and Boeing will deliver the CST – 100. Both spacecraft will be tested by NASA astronauts with an expected launch date of 2017. While it is exciting to see America return to space, and I am a huge fan of SpaceX, these new designs leave a lot to be desired in the style department. They’re a lot more reminiscent of the Apollo program than the shuttles I grew up with. Of course, the shuttles had their own set of issues, but still, at least they had some pizazz!

There are a few other experimental spacecraft I’d like to see NASA try out. Maybe they’re not as practical as the designs NASA chose, but at least they look pretty badass.

XCOR Aerospace’s Lynx suborbital space plane

[[contentId: 2759704| | style: width:75%]]

SpaceShipTwo  from  Virgin Galactic

[[contentId: 2759705| | style: width:75%]]

Armadillo Aerospace’s Suborbital Vehicle

[[contentId: 2759706| | style: height:850px; width:564px]]

Stratolaunch’s Air-Launched Rocket

[[contentId: 2759707| | style: width:75%]]

Blue Origin’s Space Vehicle

[[contentId: 2759708| | style: width:75%]]

Sierra Nevada’s Dream Chaser* Failed to Get NASA contract

[[contentId: 2759709| | style: width:75%]]

Reaction Engines Limited’s SKYLON Space  Plane

[[contentId: 2759710| | style: width:75%]]

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