7 Mascots Who Were Arrested For Terrible Crimes

McGruff The Crime Dog Arrested For 1000 Pot Plants & Grenade Launcher

This week John R. Moralas an actor from Texas who portrayed McGruff The Crime Dog was sentenced to 16 years in prison for having 1000 marijuana plants and a grenade launcher. McGruff AKA John R. Moralas is seen here in this police department mug shot taken with a vintage 2005 cellphone camera.  Anyone who watched Saturday morning cartoons growing up in the ‘90’s will remember McGruff The Crime Dog, who taught kids that all important lesson “take a bite out of crime.” The only thing McGruff bit off this time was a bit of irony when he thought that weed and grenade launchers were some kind of new awesome way to fight crime. As you will see from these stories, people who dress up in animal mascots for a living are prone to outbursts of crime due to all the heat stroke they endure.

Cincinnati Bearcat Arrested For Throwing Snowballs

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The University of Cincinnati’s Bearcats mascot was arrested in 2010 for throwing snowballs into the stands.   The student inside the bearcat, M. Robert Garfield III, wouldn’t stop chucking snow when asked nicely by police and topped it off by pushing a security guard. Which brings us to Mascot Rule #101: A mascot has not sufficiently pumped up the crowd until he is on the ground in handcuffs.

Chicago Bulls Mascot Arrested for Selling Marijuana

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In 2004, Chicago Bulls mascot, “Da Bull” aka Chester J. Brewer, was arrested for selling marijuana out of the trunk of his car. Brewer was later put on probation and the “hard edge” mascot was retired from the Bulls leaving many of the players on his team with one less dealer.

Denver Nuggets Mountain Lion Arrested for Trespassing and Domestic Abuse

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In 2002 Denver Nuggets Rocky mascot AKA Ken Solomon was arrested for harassing his ex-wife and trespassing at her home. He probably should have taken the lion costume off if he wanted to patch things up with his ex. Does the name Denver Nuggets make anyone else hungry for chicken nuggets?

The New England Patriots’ Mascot Arrested for Prostitution Ring

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In 2009 a man who portrays Pat Patriot, the New England Patriots’ mascot, was arrested for participating in a prostitution ring. Even for prostitutes, Pat Patriot’s giant rapist head was a little too creepy.

The Wisconsin Bucky The Badger Arrested for Crowd Surfing

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In 1996 Wisconsin’s Bucky the Badger was arrested for crowd surfing at a football game and issued a $141 ticket for the crime. Crowd surfing? At this point it’s apparent that the cops are racially profiling Mascot Americans.

The Scranton Grump Arrested for Soliciting Underage Sex

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Jay Hastings, the man who portrayed minor league baseball team Scranton-Wilkes Barre Red Barons’ mascot “The Scranton Grump” was arrested twice in 2007 for sexually assaulting a 14 year old boy. This is the inspiration for a new horror movie franchise “The Grump” where bat boys are invited into the dugout to just look at the mascot in terror.

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