7 Insane Car Interiors That Can’t Be Real But Are

7. The Fur Car

Nothing says luxury like feeling the coat from who only knows what kind of animals these were. Sure, they could be fake, but does that make it any better?? Note the teeth right above the vent.

6. Under the Driver’s Sea(t)

Looking like something out of Avatar, now you can drive while having that feeling of swimming in the ocean. But here you can be naked without people really noticing.

5. The Batmobile…sort of.

Want to feel like Bruce Wayne, but really more like Bruce Wayne’s cousin who can’t afford something as cool as the Batmobile? This is the look for you. Points to the owner for coming up with what looks like an entirely new Batman logo on the steering wheel.

4. The Clown Car

You may have to wear sunglasses inside this thing because it’s blinding array of colors will leave you praying for a bull to spot you.

3. The Goldmember

Complete with slick and shining red and gold, this is maybe the only car interior that you are guaranteed to look homeless in no matter what you wear.

2. The Viva Las Vegas

You’re a high roller if you are seen driving around with this multi-optional gambling car interior. Or just high, minus the roller part.

1. The Hello Kitty

Probably one of the more insane car interiors ever, this Hello Kitty extravaganza even has slippers for both the passenger and driver. And much like a cat, you’ll probably be too distracted by all of the trinkets to actually drive anywhere.