The 7 Ballsiest Marriage Proposals You Will Ever See

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and if you’re planning on proposing to your beloved on Saturday, few things will make them appreciate a romantic gesture more than risking your life and personal well being. Here are the gutsiest ways men have asked their significant other if they would like to spend the rest of their lives with them.

1. The Guy Who Faked His Own Death

A wedding proposal used to be the best way for a guy to test their girlfriend’s loyalty until this guy found a way to top it and ensure a “yes” from the woman we presume he loved. Alexey Bykov wanted to show his future wife what life without him might be like so he staged a massive, elaborate car crash that included paramedics telling his beloved that he died at the scene. That’s when he jumped up and popped the question. Kind of amazed she didn’t pop him after.

2. The Couple Who Swam With Sharks

Few places are more beautiful to ask someone to marry you than the majesty of the ocean. A husband-to-be in Mexico decided to do just that but also surrounded him and his best girl with a pack of nature’s most efficient killing machines. Michael Benson and his bride-to-be Ana Rawls went scuba diving in Playa del Carmen, Mexico right in the middle of a den of bull sharks. He figured that was the perfect time to ask her if she wanted to get married by writing the question on a waterproof white board.

3. The Guy Who Proposed While Skydiving

Weddings and skydiving aren’t really a new concept but a firefighter took it to a new level by not only popping the question mid-drop but also trying to give his girlfriend the ring as they plummeted to Earth. He then pretended to drop the engagement ring while they were still falling and before his girlfriend could smack him for losing it, he pulled out the real ring, got down on one knee and popped the question.

4. The Guy Who Faked A Potential Plane Crash

The threat of death always makes you appreciate your life more so this pilot decided to use that fact to his advantage when proposing to his girlfriend. A pilot named Ryan took his lady for a flight when he claimed that the instruments no longer worked and slowly started descending the plane. He had her read the inflight emergency instructions that contained the special question and when she learned that she wouldn’t die, she said yes.

5. The Guy Who Proposed During An Inverted Flight

Even if you’re not terrified of flying and can do a 10-point barrel roll without any vomit leaving your body, you’re still taking a risk every time you take to the skies. This pilot decided the most unique way he could propose to his beloved was by getting in a plane, taking off and popping the question while both were flying upside down. We also hope that this is how they celebrated their wedding night; covered in puke.

6. The Guy Who Set Himself On Fire

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You don’t need a private plane or access to scuba equipment to prove how foolhardy you are. All you need is a can of propane, a kiddie pool and a reckless disregard for your well being and the people around you. Stuntman Josh Madryga got down on one knee while a friend snuck behind him and lit his chemically treated clothes on fire. Thankfully, she didn’t put a lot of thought into her answer when he popped the question.

7. The Guy Who Got Arrested

You don’t need to do a lot of planning or hire a screenwriter to help you devise a method for faking your arrest just before you propose to your girlfriend. You can actually get arrested and the police will be more than happy to help you if you’ve got a long list of unexecuted warrants on record. Police in Oklahoma arrested Justin Harrel for the same reason right in the middle of his proposal to his girlfriend. Fortunately, the cops were nice enough to let him complete his proposal before hauling him off to jail.

So if you’re going to make that big step this coming weekend, make sure you are at least safe about it. And safe about that other thing too.

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