7 Brutal Times A Cheater Was Caught Without A Happy Ending

Introducing this week’s newest romantic category, Movies For Two, we thought we’d flip the coin and dig into Break’s greatest cheating stories and videos to celebrate! Who needs a stork when you have a crane!

7. Radio station exposes cheating wife.

[[contentId: 484493| | size: 100]]

6. Man caught cheating with wife’s twin!


This is what wives do in China to their cheating husbands.

5. Sometimes a good cheating prank is all you need to set you straight…for the rest of your life.

4. Husband finds wife cheating at a hotel. Lucky for you, he had a camera!

[[contentId: 2832400| | size: 100]]

3. Never leave a crane lying around after you’ve cheated on your boyfriend!

[[contentId: 608447| | size: 100]]

2. Guy’s three girlfriends ambush him at the airport. And it all goes perfectly…embarassing.

This teenager learned a huge lesson after his girlfriends found out about each other, contacted each other and hatched an elaborate scheme. His mom was there to make things worse.

1. Hard-working boyfriend finds woman cheating. Unfortunately the other guy had a gun in his car.

[[contentId: 498362| | size: 100]]

How could we not choose a Cheaters clip for our #1 spot!