7 Best Covers Of Motorhead Songs – Metal Monday

As we closed out 2015 last week, the world learned of the tragic loss of a rock ‘n roll legend, Lemmy Kilmister, the leader of the iconic metal band Motorhead died at the age of 70 due to cancer.  Much of the rock and metal community paid tribute to Lemmy through song, including this performance of “Ace of Spades” by Slash and his band on New Year’s Eve:

Other bands including Metallica have been covering Motorhead’s songs for years out of respect. Love them or hate them, Metallica is one of the biggest metal bands of all time (if not one of the biggest music acts of all time, period) and have influenced countless other musicians in their own right. So when founding member, drummer Lars Ulrich said that Lemmy and Motorhead are pretty much the singular reason that he ever wanted to start a band, you can see why Lemmy’s influence on music and metal is great. Here are some past Motorhead covers to solemnly bang your head to this Metal Monday. RIP Lemmy, long live metal. m/

Metallica Perform “Overkill” (as “The Lemmys”)

This band even dressed up as Lemmy during a tribute performance in 1995 during his 50th birthday bash at the famous rock club on Hollywood’s Sunset Strip, The Whiskey.

Sepultura Perform “Orgasmatron”

Everyone’s favorite brutal Brazilian metal band covered this Motorhead classic for their album “Arise.”

Korpiklaani Perform “Iron Fist”

A folk metal band from Finland, Korpiklaani delivered this raging rendition of “Iron Fist” from their album Ukon Wacka.

Machetazo Perform “Ace Of Spades”

This Spanish grindcore / goregrind band growls its way through one of Motorhead’s biggest hits with this cover of “Ace of Spades” from their 2002 album Trono de Huesos.

Warbringer Perform “We Are The Road Crew”

Lemmy’s tribute song to the folks that work backstage at Rock shows “We Are The Road Crew” made a B-Side cover for this LA based thrash metal band.

Kvelertak Perform “Metropolis”

This Norwegian metal band performed a cover of “Metropolis” on the Norwegian television show “Trygdekontoret” in 2014. We all love Trygdekontoret.

Crucified Barbara Perform “Killed By Death”

Swedish all lady metal band Crucified Barbara released a cover of “Killed By Death” on their debut album In Distortion We Trust

Bonus: Motorhead Perform Rebecca Black’s “Friday”

Also Motorhead themselves were no stranger to doing cover songs. Here Lemmy and the metal legends cover Rebecca Black’s “Friday.” (OK, just kidding; someone did a parody but it is pretty good!)

Which Motorhead cover songs did I miss? Which are your favorite?

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