7 Best BBQ Restaurants in America To Eat At On The 4th of July!

From Texas to North Carolina, these local BBQ eats will put the free in freedom, except for the part where you have to pay for your meal. Americans this 4th of July will gather with friends and family to celebrate our independence by preparing delicious meals on the grill and whipping up some mouth mouthwatering barbeque.  Let’s all get inspired to create a star spangled feast by taking a look at the best BBQ restaurants from around the country!

Austin, Texas

You better bring a bib and a big appetite, because no one is going home hungry in this Texas establishment!

Atlanta, Georgia

All good things take time and in Georgia they know that the way to make good barbeque is to slow roast it, bringing out all the flavors. Your mouth will be thankful for their patience with your meal.

Kansas City, Missouri

Missouri is the land of tradition and that tradition includes passing down recipes for award winning, finger licking, flavor filled barbeque that will make you feel warm inside.

Lexington, North Carolina

The heritage of North Carolina can be tasted in every bite of barbecue that is eaten in the traditional style of the state. No matter where you come from, North Carolina BBQ is a favorite among many folks who yearn for a simpler time.

Memphis, Tennessee

You are Some sumptuous, slathered sauce will dribble down your chin as you bite into one of the lovingly prepared works of art that Tennessee barbeque has become famous for.

Hollywood, California

You will be surprised by the tangy, sweet taste of this Southern California treat as it enters your mouth and tickles your heart.

Greenville, South Carolina *

This South Carolina joint was voted one of the best BBQ locations in the country. *Only when the McRib is available.

What is your favorite BBQ restaurant?

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