7 Of James Bond’s Lamest Villains

It’s time to drop $40 on popcorn and a 3D ticket to see 007 again in Spectre.  The casual Bond fan may not be aware that Specter has been in Bond movies since the beginning, they’re the HYDRA to Bond’s Captain America, the evil organization that keeps doing villainous things and keeps getting thwarted by James.  In the past, the campier Bond movies made it rather jokey but odds are in the new Bond Spectre, and their leader played by Christoph Waltz, are going to be some harsh villains.

With that in mind, why not take a look back at some of Bond’s less than impressive villains.  He’s had dozens of them over the years, and only recently have any of them become even kind of serious.

Elliot Carver

Yeah, it’s that guy from Pirates of the Caribbean only his sinister plan is to stage a war so his knock off version of CNN or FOX news or whatever it is can get higher ratings.  Seriously, that’s his plan.  Like maybe just being better at the news wasn’t an option.

Wint and Kidd

These guys are kind of like the ambiguously gay duo of Bond villains. There’s clearly some tension there, plus they crack wise all the time.  It’s almost like the scriptwriter was working on a Disney movie and before these two could become a meerkat and a warthog they ended up in a Bond movie.

Bambi and Thumper

Speaking of Disney characters, why did anyone send two gymnasts to kill James Bond?  Also, why doesn’t anyone say anything when they run in and he’s in the process of murdering both of them?

Gustav Graves

The most disturbing thing about this man is that he’s North Korean.  Like he used a super DNA machine to turn British, but inside he’s North Korean.  It feels racist just talking about it.

Nick Nack

You can look at Nick Nack in two ways.  In one way, he was one of the most awesome villains ever because he was played by little person Herve Villechaize.  In another way he was one of the worst villains ever because he was played by little person Herve Villachaize. 

Tee Hee

Why is this man’s name Tee Hee?  And why is he so obviously just holding that fake metal hand in his own sleeve?  Why, James Bond?  Why?

Karl Stromberg

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This dude’s master plan involved living under the sea.  Try not to hear “Under da Sea” from the Little Mermaid when you watch it now.