7 Acts Of Vengeance You’ll Be Glad Were Caught On Camera

Vengeance can be oh-so-sweet, especially if someone had a camera handy and caught the whole thing on video. This week we’re launching the newest Movies On Break category “Vengeance is Mine”, so what better way to celebrate our finest film selections than our favorite revenge-filled videos from all types of people that have been screwed over one way or another. Even pets.

1. Wanna cheat on this guy? Goodbye windows!

[[contentId: 2432143| | size: 100]]

2. If you really want to taunt an angry dog, make sure the leash is secure.

[[contentId: 2600779| | size: 100]]

3. This girlfriend’s revenge on her boyfriend gets right to the point. And crotch.

[[contentId: 682447| | size: 100]]

4. Boyfriend catches girlfriend cheating, so both guys get justice!

[[contentId: 2758215| | size: 100]]

5. Be nice to your employees, otherwise your sports car gets it.

[[contentId: 2564293| | size: 100]]

6. Wanna know how to quit your job? Create a video that would go on to get 20 million views letting the whole world know your job (and boss) sucks.

7. When this girl found out her friend was flirting with her boyfriend, she brought fists to a shovel fight.

[[contentId: 2605815| | size: 100]]

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