Parents Upset: 6th Graders Given Gansta’ Rapper Assignment

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A substitute teacher filling in while the music teacher was taking a leave of absence at a Chicago elementary school is now catching a lot of heat from parents of some of her 6th graders.

Seems she assigned a research project to the youngsters about Chief Keef – a 20-year-old Chicago rapper that is known for his lyrics about violence, drugs and lots and lots of cursing.

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He is also known for having a laundry list of trouble with 5-0… from waving loaded pistols at officers and people while on the run, distributing heroin, possibly connected to killing a rival rapper and many other illegal things. The Chief was even banned from Instagram for uploading sexually explicit images.

In the rap world, he has sometimes been referred to as the “black Justin Bieber” — so maybe that’s why he was aiming a gun at people…

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The sub instructed students to study Chief Keef’s (real name, Keith Cozart) life and listen to his music. Some of the questions needed answering on the assignment were: why Chief Keef was on house arrest, why he dropped out of school and who shot him.

“If you were a sub, you were supposed to take on whatever assignment the regular teacher was given, not what you wanted to give them,” said Shawnta Powell, one of the parents.

Another parent, Katrina Sanders, angrily posted her frustrations on YouTube, also saying that her kid had also brought home an assignment about Chris Brown before.

“We don’t send our children to John Fisk to learn about some doggone Chief Keef and how many times he has been shot and what house arrest crime he is on. My son is not exposed to this kind of music,” Sanders said.

Doggone it, you go, Katrina Sanders!

Obviously, I wouldn’t want my kids to have this sort of assignment — mainly because it would require me to explain the lyrics to them.

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And of course, the Chicago Public School System has released a statement condemning such an assignment and saying they did not approve of such a thing. They also said that the sub is not in charge of the music class anymore.

She is now the P.E. teacher. The first class is a discussion on athletes as citizens titled “The Virtues of Aaron Hernandez.”

She just might not be getting this whole ‘molding young minds’ thing…

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