65-Year-Old German Lady Becomes Oldest Mother Of Quadruplets: Now Has 17 Kids

For today in outrage we go to Germany where a 65-year-old grandmother who already had 13 children, by five different fathers, gave birth to quadruplets. Damn, woman; they are children, not a doll collection.

Annegret Raunigk of Berlin gave birth via a Caesarean section this past May to four babies who were underweight and faced other medical complications. Good news though: she made the record books as being the oldest mother of quadruplets, yay!

Pregnant GILFS is a whole new thing you didn’t want to know about.

Having been extremely premature they were born at six and a half months and all weighed around two pounds.  Today however it was announced that doctors have deemed the babies healthy enough to leave the hospital and go home. Neeta, Bence, Fjonn and Dries all now weigh between five and six pounds. Thankfully Raunigk says she is buying a new and larger house outside the city where the kids can have a good home to grow up in…. hopefully their mother/grandmother is around for a while.

Doctors in Germany refused to give the older woman fertility treatment fearing her body couldn’t handle being pregnant and out of fear for the health of the babies. However in the Ukraine Raunigk was able to find doctors who were willing to implant a donated sperm and egg to artificially inseminate her (something that is actually illegal in Germany.) Their fears were not unfounded as baby Dries has had to go through several surgeries. Raunigk doesn’t pay attention to all the haters though. She says;

“This is not about egotism and it is not selfishness. I like children – they keep me young. You get more tolerant the older you get.”

The 10 year old with her new siblings.

While her oldest child is 44, she has a ten year old daughter (for you mathematicians, that means she also had a baby at the age of 55) at home that encouraged her mother to the IVF treatment so she could have some friends to play with. She will have plenty of time to play with them when she is babysitting for her mom for the next ten to twenty years.

The rest of her kids.

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Source: Daily Mail