6 Weird Toys & Merch From Star Wars’ “Force Friday”

It is time again to get your wallet out and fork over some cold hard cash and/or Bitcoins for Star Wars merchandize. So dust off your sweet 1983 Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader figure and head on over to “Force Friday” to see what kind of crap they have to replace them. This is a special event Disney and Lucas Film wasted no time in putting together to unveil the new line of merchandise for Star Wars: The Force Awakens branded, action figures, books, games, clothes, toys, beer cozies and dildo warmers.

Some special folks got sent Star Wars merchandize ahead of time so they could share it to their followers. Thanks for thinking of us Disney! …. We didn’t get any toys, but here is someone who got a bunch of stuff including … a surfboard?


OH MY GOD BEST GIFT EVER!!!!!!! Thank you Disney and Lucasfilm for the best toy box anyone could ever have!!! AHHH SO EXCITING I CANT BELIEVE IT!!! I’M A TOY!!! Anyone else excited for #ForceFriday?!!!!!!!

Posted by Daisy Ridley on Thursday, September 3, 2015

Seriously, there was everything strange on display including:

Star Wars Cover Girl Makeup

Perfect for your favorite girl that looks like a Wookie.

Star Wars Campbell’s Soup

Hopefully Jar-Jar Binks is the main ingredient.

Star Wars Hot Wheels

We all remember Star Wars for their awesome… cars.

Double Headed Light Saber

Fun for the whole family.

Remote Control BB-8

OK, this one is actually really cool, even though this robot is obviously supposed to be the “new” R2-D2.

Now even if you are not someone who is going to rush out and buy a bunch of toys or weird crap for a film you haven’t even seen yet, there is something kind of interesting about all of this merch. Some have discovered that many of the new toys are spouting lines of dialogue… from the new film that comes out in December! SO either these are lines written specifically for just the toys OR they are previously unheard lines from The Force Awakens. This brings up the possibility that the toys could reveal major spoilers for fans. Like what if you get the new Princess Leia action figure to go along with your old one and it’s like;

“Oh my god! Luke Skywalker has just been shot dead!”

Or Han Solo is all like; “Luke; he’s not your father, he lied!”

Those would be major spoilers! Like here are some of the actual lines that have come out of the new toys unveiled for #ForceFriday; such as this new mask from bad guy, Kylo Ren;

Or how about the new Captain Phantasm helmet, bet you would love to get your hands on one of those to find out what happens in the film.


Would you guys buy any of this stuff?

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Source: EW