6 Weird Paradoxes Of The Back To The Future Trilogy!

So this is the future. October 21st, 2015, the date that Marty McFly and Doc Brown arrived in the future is finally here and we are super excited we made it. We all took the long way but it was worth it. Although, most of the amazing inventions of Back To The Future Part II never came to pass, -but hey; we have blog posts!

I like forward to 2045 when we are all disappointed there are no household humanoid robots.

The thing that was original about the Back to The Future films was that it made people think about the fast paced change of pop culture and consumer technology. The time period from 1955 to 1985 was perhaps the first in which a generation could witness these drastic changes in pop music, television, film and electronics unfolding around them. This is what the first BTTF explored, so what would the world look like in another 30 years in 2015? Back to the Future II gave us flying cars, hover boards and wall mounted fax machines. Yet the film series also have us enough weird paradoxes to break the space time continuum. So strap on your self-lacing sneakers and get ready to have your brain melted with these odd time traveling paradoxes of Back To The Future. As Doc Brown would say; “Your future is whatever you make it, so make it a good one!”

1. Old Biff Wouldn’t Exist in 2015 And Thus Not Be Able To Give Himself The Sports Almanac

I like how nobody ever notices someone in the back of a car in movies, but that’s a whole other issue.

I call this the Terminator paradox. In the Terminator franchise, the robot from the first film leaves behind an arm which spurs the creation of Cyberdyne Systems thus leading to the development of robots and Skynet. So essentially The Terminator is its own father. Much the same way John Connor sent back his father Kyle Reese to bang his mom and get born. How can you be your own father?  How was  Skynet created the first time around?  In Back to The Future II Old Biff goes back in time to give himself the Sports Almanac so he can bet on all of the games until the year 2000 and become ridiculously rich, creating an alternate, horrific 1985 where a blonde haired casino owner is all powerful. Like that would ever happen.

Now the only problem with this is once Old Biff creates a new timeline, he would erase the events of October 21st 2015; no hover boards, no flying cars and no DeLorean Time Machine able to bring the Almanac back to 1955. In a deleted scene it seems that the filmmakers tried to address this by having Old Biff disappear from this reality:

I can see why they deleted the scene as it would have been super confusing watching the movie for the first time. However when Old Biff goes back to the future of 2015, shouldn’t it also be ALTERNATE 2015, where Biff is now an insane millionaire? And if Old Biff is already rich and powerful, why would he bother stealing the DeLorean and going back to 1955?! He wouldn’t have been in that place and time to see  Aaah, my brain is going to disappear!

2. If Alternate Biff Had Doc Brown Committed, Who Invented The Time Machine?

On top of Old Biff not existing (at least as he was) in the altered 2015, there comes another problem. In the altered time line Doc and Marty return to we discover through newspaper clippings that instead of being commended for his achievements in science Biff has Doc Brown committed to an insane asylum in 1983. Great Scott!

So if Doc Brown is institutionalized, drooling in a robe at the Hill Valley Mental Institution and rambling about time travel and flux capacitors, who then invented the DeLorean Time Machine for Old Biff to travel from 2015 back to 1955 in the first place? The time machine would not have been invented thus preventing Grandpa Biff from changing history in what is known as the “Grandfather Paradox”- you cannot go back in time before your parents were born and killer your grandfather! THINK MCFLY! Think!

3. How Did Doc Brown Get The Train To Fly At the End Of Back To The Future III?

At the very end of the whole franchise comes a stunning paradox. Right after Marty arrives back in 1985 from 1885, the DeLorean is destroyed and Marty thinks Doc is lost in time forever. Just then a time traveling train arrives! It’s Doc with his new wife and family; he’s all good, yay! Doc assures Marty and Jennifer that their future is unwritten, yada, yada, the train hovers and takes off, folding its rails down and flying like the flying cars of 2015. Which means somehow Doc got enough power to create 1.21 Gigawatts of electricity in 1885, you know pretty much the entire plot of the third film was trying to get the power necessary to make the flux capacitor work  (along with Doc finally finding love; Mary Steenburgen, nice!). However instead of going home to 1985, he goes to 2015 again to outfit an old locomotive with hover technology. So maybe he used the Mr. Fusion stored in the DeLorean he had hidden in the copper mine for Marty to find in 1955, then went to the future, obtained a second Mr. Fusion and replaced the one in 1885. His children are at least ten years old, so maybe he had enough time to figure it out. Otherwise, I’m lost; anybody have any guesses?

4. If Doc and Marty Harnessed The Lightning Bolt In 1955, Then The Clock Was Never Hit By Lightning And Should Work In 1985

OK, so the whole plot of the first movie should negate everything else. Sorry, I know, at this point I should just STFU, its Back To The Future, it’s just a movie, but here we go. So Doc and Marty harness the lightning bolt that stopped the clock tower in 1955. So instead of hitting the clock and stopping it, the lightening goes into the DeLorean. Still with me? So the clock is never broken and Marty never gets the flyer in 1985 giving the date and time of the lightning strike in 1955; nobody would know about the lightning strike. Thus Doc and Marty would not know to be there at that date and time to harness the lightning; SO IT WOULD HAPPEN! Great Scott, paradox!  

5. At The End Of The First Film Biff Is The McFly’s Bitch, Washing Their Cars.. What happened between 1985 and 2015 to turn Old Biff back into the bully?

Happy Biff

At the end of the first film, Marty has successfully united his parents and saves his existence. Not only that he has improved life for his family in this better version of 1985, George McFly is now an accomplished author and Biff is no longer bullying him. Instead Biff owns a car washing service and humbly details George McFly’s Mercedes, calling him “Mr. McFly.” However in another 30 years Old Biff is back to being a dick. Maybe 30 years of washing George McFly’s car has made him bitter or maybe he was never really nice underneath it all?

Angry bastard Biff; maybe he is angry he aged a lot in a few moments.

6. How Come Marty’s Parents Don’t Recognize Him As “Calvin Klein” And Why Doesn’t Middle Aged Doc Brown Recognize Marty In 1985?

One of the many things overlooked in the series is the fact that when Marty gets back to 1985, neither his parents or Doc Brown remember him from 1955. I know it was 30 years, but Doc Brown especially might remember a time traveler visiting him, hanging off of a clock tower and zapping the kid back to future. I know I would. Unless he didn’t want to upset the space time continuum by telling Marty what happens when he first meets him. And I guess you’d be less likely to remember some kid you spent a short time with in high school, but still! Why don’t they remember!?

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