6 Burger King – Tim Hortons Concoctions To Merge Into Your Mouth

This week everyone is angry at Burger King for essentially flipping off Uncle Sam, instead of flipping burgers.

This could make it all better. 

With the announcement of the $11 billion merger between Burger King and Canadian company Tim Hortons (Basically Canada’s version of Dunkin’ Donuts) BK is gearing to set up it’s headquarters in Canada, thus renouncing its corporate American “citizenship” to avoid paying higher US taxes. Unfortunately you’re a person and not a company, and you can’t take advantage of this tax loophole. Unless you’re a robot reading this in the year 2045 who has had the corporate hive-mind downloaded into your electron brain…. Then, carry on citizen!

The Burger King Is Not Only a Creeper, He’s A Tax Dodger! – Possible Robot.

However we can hope that there will be benefits from this merger that we can all enjoy now! Turn that frown upside down by stop going to the gym, stop eating kale and bask in the gluttonous debauchery that could potentially be set forth by combining the best of Burger King with the best breakfast options of Tim Horton’s! Eating a Double Bacon Whopper with Cheese is a ‘Merican tradition. Now that The King has become Canadian, these concoctions are North ‘Merican. I say it’s time to celebrate. That’s why our friends at The Savory have made a list of the top six potential Burger King – Tim Hortons combinations to merge into your mouth:

Ham, Egg & Cheese Do’wich

If Burger King wants in on breakfast, this is how to do it. Take their traditional ham, egg and cheese and put it between any Tim Hortons’ donut of your choice. This takes BK’s slogan, “Have it Your Way” to the next level.

Sausage, Egg & Poutine Croissan’wich

No need for a side of hash browns here. Between the flaky goodness of a Croissan’wich they stack sausage and egg, with a heaping stack of Burger King fries drenched in gravy and cheese curds. How does that not sound amazing?

For more visit TheSavory.com  – Via Josh Schaffer