6 Reasons To Love Jimmy Fallon Taking Over TheTonight Show

NBC made it official that Jay Leno is being retired to a pasture somewhere and young whippersnapper Jimmy Fallon is taking over the legendary “Tonight Show.” And unlike the Conan/Leno debacle of 2010, this appears to be a smooth transition.

For you Leno fans out there (are there any, really? Hello? HELLO?) this might seem bad, but fear not! Fallon is a funny and talented guy. Here are six reasons we’re happy he’s taking over.

Jimmy Fallon Gets The Internet

On the surface, he’s catering to the audience that watches him: young, hip, internet-savvy viewers. But on a deeper level, he gets that the internet is the future of media and is taking advantage of that now by doing sketches that involve online participation.


Jimmy Fallon Makes Celebrities Do Weird Things

Celebrities are often up-tight d-bags who just want to talk about their newest movie or album and get out of there. But Fallon loves to make them invest some time and do something unique for the audience. Sure, the celebrity is whoring themselves out for viewers, but at least it’s more interesting than the typical sit-and-chat.


Jimmy Fallon Does Weird Shit

What is this? I don’t know. But it’s funny and things like this happen often.


Jimmy Fallon Supports Gaming

He loves featuring new games and the game creators.


Neil Young

More of these, please.


The Roots

The best band in late night. Great music and funny guys.

How do you feel about the change? Let us know in the comments.

– Mark (follow on the twitters)