6 Awkward Doctor’s Visits That will make you feel good

Today we are going to journey deep inside the mind’s eye to explore some buried secrets. Well, not quite that, but we are going to explore deep inside some poor unfortunate souls’ ears to pull out some crazy things that got in there. What? You can’t hear us? Perhaps you too have something awful clogging up your ears. Hopefully none of the below notions will hit too close to home, but at the very least, you’ll feel better about the next time you go for a routine doctors visit. 

Something’s Bugging Me

In case you doubt that there’s a lot of interest in this topic, you’ll note that this video has amassed over 32 million hits.  Spoiler alert: the damn bug is still alive at the end. Or to quote one of the people lucky(?) enough to witness it live, “Oh My God, Dude!” 

June Swoon

For some people, the name june bug conjures up innocent memories of their youth. The guy in this video would most definitely have a whole different set of memories though. The backstory is pretty funny too, as it got stuck in his ear, his friend poured rubbing alcohol in it to kill it, but it still wouldn’t come out. 

Erase Your Memories

Exactly how or why this dude ended up with an eraser in his ear is a tale for another day (or hopefully never), but this makeshift operation ends in success. Perhaps someone was trying to wipe his mind clean.

Rewrite your brain

This one is the flip side of the above with the eraser, as it involves part of a pencil in the ear. At least this time the victim has the logical excuse of being 3 years old. Because, you know, if you were 3 years old, wouldn’t you want to stick a pencil in your ear? (PS – the correct answer is “no”.)

Music to my Ears

This video wins style points both due to the enormity of the bug removed, the grossness of the bug, and for the completely inappropriate music accompanying it. Then again, it’s probably better to hear that than to listen to someone watching it and going “Ewwwwww!” over and over again. 

Dud Dad

This dad won’t be getting into medical school or winning any father of the year awards, as sticking a needle in your kid’s head is morally incomprehensible if not criminal.

Not surprisingly, there are many other things that have been wedged into many other parts of the human body, and youtube is ready and willing to offer you countless videos of man at his stupidest. We hope you hear us loud and clear though, and please do not try any removal techniques at home. Even better, don’t go shoving stuff where it doesn’t belong.