6 Best Donald Trump Saturday Night Live Sketches

Amid protests that NBC should not give airtime to billionaire businessman / presidential candidate Donald Trump, the network released a series of promo spots for his hosting gig this coming Saturday. Even those spots were not without controversy as in one of them Trump called rival Dr. Ben Carson “a complete and total loser.” The show is sure to be HUGE, but that spot was later taken down and replaced with this one, making the promo a little less huge:

Activists in the Latino community have also begun a campaign to get NBC to “Dump Trump” delivering over half a million signatures to their headquarters in Rockefeller Center.  Protest organizer who has launched the Twitter hashtag #RacismIsntFunny –told HuffPo that;

“There’s nothing funny about mass deportation. There’s nothing funny about separating families. There’s nothing funny about calling Mexicans ‘rapists’ and murderers. … It’s a very poor show of judgement and it’s completely disrespectful to Latinos and viewers across the nation.”

A Latino group has reportedly even offered $5,000 to anyone in the live studio audience who will yell out “Trump Is Racist” during the broadcast.  And then there is this video:

Regardless of your politics, Saturday Night Live is sure to be interesting viewing this Saturday. Trump hosted the show before in 2004 and has been impersonated by several cast members including Phil Harman, since the 1980’s.

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Trump As An Undeclared 2012 Presidential Candidate

Trump Rips Rosie

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A Message Donald (Taran Killam) and Melania Trump 2015

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Source: HuffPo