50 Cent’s Awful First Pitch Has Been Commemorated With Its Very Own Topps Card

If you recall in May of 2014, 50 Cent threw out the first pitch at Citi Field for the New York Mets game. You may also recall that he threw what was possibly the worst pitch in baseball history. Luckily for all of you baseball fans and non-fans alike, Topps has commemorated that glorious moment with it’s very own trading card.

Almost looking like something out of MAD Magazine, this is an actual card Topps plans on producing as part of their 2015 set. After I finish posting this, I’m going to head out and buy a frame for this thing. So amazing.

If you’d like to relive that moment, here’s the video below just as a reminder of how truly awful that first pitch was. But maybe that makes it more gangsta’?

[[contentId: 2614396| | size: 100]]

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source: Hard Ball Talk