Starbucks: Come for the Coffee, Stay for the Toilet Cams

When you think of Starbucks you probably think of coffee, illiterate barristas and overpriced cookies masquerading as biscotti.  But now you can add “terrifyingly creepy hidden bathroom cams” to that last, probably something Starbucks management doesn’t want you to think of, thanks to one Starbucks location in Lancaster, California. 

The woman went to the washroom with her five year old son because your childhood humiliation is never fully complete unless mom makes you go to the bathroom in public with her.  Once in the bathroom, the eagle-eyed child, likely in an attempt to focus on anything other than the fact he was in a public toilet with his mom, noticed that someone had hidden a phone behind a stack of paper towels.  Not even a real spy cam, some dumbass just left their phone in there.

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So basically there’s surveillance footage of someone leaving the phone and one of two possibilities – this guy (you know it was a guy) bought a phone just to use as a spy cam or, and we have to assume this is the more likely option, this is his every day phone that he just hid in a bathroom, probably with all of his contact info still saved in it because he’s dumb.  Keep an eye on the news and we’ll find out.

Just how common is using a tiny camera to film stuff like a dirty creeper?  Probably more common than you want to know about.  And worse, it gets way more creative than a phone hidden behind paper towels.  For instance, Dr. Davinderjit Bains in the UK had a series of hidden cameras set up at his office, including one in his watch, that he used to film over 200 women and teen girls.  Police found hundreds and hundreds of clips on his computer featuring numerous women and girls aged 14 to 51. 

The doctor’s creepy little scheme was uncovered by a 19 year old girl who was renting a room from the doctor after he warned the girl to never move a watch that was in the bathroom, facing the shower.  Just because he was a doctor didn’t mean he was smart.  The girl took a clock from the room she rented which she also thought had a camera in it and, sure enough, it had a camera in it. 

For his troubles, the doctor was sentenced to 12 years in jail.  We’ll see what happens with our Starbucks friend if they catch him.