5 Weirdest Things Seen In Strangers Homes By Workers

If you have to have a repair person come to your home it can sometimes be awkward. Do you clean up your pigsty and offer them a drink or just ignore the pile of toenail clippings in the corner? However no one thinks about how weird it can be for them. So the folks at Reddit asked people who do work inside strangers homes: “What is the funniest/weirdest thing you have seen in someone’s home?”

1. The Window Washer Finds An Old Man’s Secret Stash

Commenter Txanarchy says: “I used to wash windows for extra cash. One day I washing the windows of a rather upscale home owned by a nice elderly man. So I washed the windows on the outside and then go inside the house to do the inside of the windows.”

“I work my way around to this kind old man’s study/office. When I open the door I’m greeted by one of the largest Nazi flags I’ve ever seen. There was Nazi stuff everywhere.”

“I’m standing there looking at all of this stuff thinking I’ve walked into a crazy man’s house. Well the old man comes in and asks me what I think of his collection. I told him it’s a little interesting for sure.”

“Then he says “Yep. I’m pretty proud of this stuff. I had to kill a lot of those mother fuckers to get all this stuff.” So apparently every single Nazi item was taken from liberated buildings or German soldiers he killed in combat, with a special emphasis on the SS.”

“Pretty cool really.”

2. Satellite TV Installer Discovers Interesting Flooring Choice

Commenter TrueDego says: “Former satellite install tech here.”

 “I have many to add to this but the best was a family that had a Jaguar in the driveway…”

 “…getting 3 HD DVR boxes, international dish with channels.”

“They had NO FLOOR! I had to step over the piping and framing on the dirt floor to get from room to room. It was a rotten away wood floor.”

“They were nice as hell.”

3. The Plumber VS The Old Lady

Commenter mycivaccount says:  “I worked as a service plumber for about a year.”

“An old lady flushed her false teeth down the toilet.”

“I couldn’t use an auger to get them out, so I had to pull the toilet off the floor and carry it outside where I smashed it open with a hammer to get them.”

“Her daughter soaked them in mouthwash for about 10 minutes then made her put them back in so she could eat dinner.”

4. Insurance Man Discovers Lady’s Cool Hobby

Commenter kane55 says:   “I used to work for a company that did valuations on vehicles for insurance purposes. On occasion we would have to go to a client’s house to see the car, take pics etc.”

“One afternoon two of us get sent out to this lady’s house to collect information on her rare Mercedes convertible.”

 “When we arrive she invites us in and tells us that the car is in the garage. She is leading us through the house towards the garage and as we walk through a room there is a guy standing in the corner of the room wearing only a jock strap and he has a ball gag in his mouth.”

 “As if it is a normal situation she just says, “That’s Dave, never mind him. He won’t bother you.”

5. Washer Delivery Guys VS Redneck’s Door

Commenter Jeremystewartt says: “I used to be a delivery boy at an appliance store so this is just one of my stories.”

“Me and a coworker are delivering a washer and dryer to a really trashy trailer park and the guy is outside wearing only underwear and drinking a beer.”

“We get the washer and dryer out of the truck and into his extremely tight doorways until we realize the laundry room doorway isnt big enough.”

“Naked red neck grabs an axe and completely destroys the door way so the washer and drier would fit.”

Source: Reddit

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