5 Weirdest Ways People Have Tried To Make Extra Cash

5. Rent your face as a billboard.

Two young fellas racked up a decent amount of student debt (haven’t we all) but realized they have a fast track to making some dough beyond using their hard-earned degree; renting out their faces as advertising space. Sure, we all have cheeks, chins and foreheads, why not put an advertisement on there. It’s a strange place to have your brand displayed but you know people will be double-taking to see what the hell is written on some dude’s forehead. So far, these young entrepreneurs have made $50,000 just by scribbling some words on their faces. Well done, gentlemen.

4. Rent yourself as a “friend” to a stranger.

This is a perfect way to not only MAKE money but SAVE money too. You literally require nothing but the body you woke up with. And what better way to make money than by being some sad person’s friend who just doesn’t have any because social acceptance can be one cruel element. If you’re not saavy to the ways of friend renting, there’s actually a website that can not only help you rent a friend but also be someone willing to be rented. Heads up though, you’ll probably come across some real “special” folks.

3. Auction off a piece of your face for a tattoo of the highest bidder’s choosing.

You can use ebay to make money selling a lot of different things, but this guy sold a 5″x2″ piece of his face to the highest bidder. Well actually the highest bidder wanted something lewd tattooed to Eric Hartsburg’s face, so Eric chose the second to highest bidder. What tattoo did he end up with displayed on his noggin for all eternity? Mitt Romney’s 2012 campaign logo. How much did he make? $50,000

2. There are people that will buy your worn, soiled underwear.

If you’re a decent looking guy, there are people that would love to own your worn (especially soiled) underwear. If you’re a woman, there even more people that would love to own your unmentionables if you’re interested in selling them. There are many websites that can help you sell your undies without much hassle (if you’re willing to deal with the audience interested in this sort of thing). Check out this article detailing how to sell your briefs, panties or whatever. It’s certainly way better than cleaning toilets.

1. Sell ghosts.

Do you believe in ghosts? Probably not. But that doesn’t mean you can’t sell a few of them to someone interested in the world of the paranormal, especially since those people believe ghosts exist all around us all of the time. Case in point, someone listed an old wooden chest on craigslist stating it contained a male ghost, asking for a mere $300 for the two items (the chest and the ghost). Sure, the person that might’ve ended up with the “ghost” got nothing but a nice old wooden chest but hey, that’s buyer’s beware for you.

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