5 Weird Christmas Gifts Thanks To Craigslist

Todd-Spence by Todd-Spence on Dec. 23, 2013

Running out of time to buy that perfect Christmas gift and need a little guidance?  Well look no further than Break's Craigslist Christmas Guide!  Here are a few savory items I found recently that I think you'll enjoy.

1. A disconnected gas pump.  Who doesn't need one of those!



"Give or get a gas pump for Christmas."  Makes sense to me!  This person is also selling what looks like more than just the one gas pump, so if you have more than one family member who would like one, they are in luck. Buy HERE.

2. Homemade...scarves.  From the Buffalo Bill Collection Series I presume.




The seller also informs us they they have matching "mommy and daughter scarves", so they got ya covered on that, whatever that means!  You can by them HERE.

3. This Santa doll that will surely kill you in your sleep.



The owner says "This Santa Claus is special!"  I think we all agree there.  Pretty sure I saw this thing in The Conjuring.  They go on to say "He will bring fun and whimsy to your home."  If by fun and whimsy they mean jumping out of the 2nd story window to escape, I'm sure it will.  Buy Satan's chew toy HERE.

4. Christmas portraits.  Awww.



Looks pretty nice.  $100 dollars for an hour's worth of photos.  Not bad!  And it looks like professional quality...until you notice the shoot takes place in somebody's bedroom.



Holy God.  Buy your photo session in somebody's weird bedroom HERE!

5. A dirty container!



And it's only $5!  Granted, the cleaning products you'll have to buy along with it cost more than that, but hey, what a bargain!  The seller writes "What a great way to keep Christmas packages from rolling around."  Agreed.  Although I'm not sure how many of you are buying tennis balls without packaging, but hey, they do have a good point.  Buy this extremely filthy thing HERE.

- Todd Spence (twitter)






Adam Patterson
Adam Patterson

good idea to use RC car / truck parts in the box

Jake Calhoun
Jake Calhoun

Old gas pumps are cool. Break, who writes this? Some kid?

Constant Lam
Constant Lam

Gas pump would be a nice gift to someone that appreciates the nostalgia of the item.

Trey-Evitt-16 User

The old gas pump may actually have nostalgic value for somebody that also collects old "Philips 66" "Sinclair Oil Dinosaur" and "Co-Cola" iceboxes. Basically, anything to do with the bygone era of full-service gas pumps and "filling station" culture.

Jim Dunmire
Jim Dunmire

Who would want to give or receive a used litterbox for Christmas?

Ikechukwu Ekewuba
Ikechukwu Ekewuba

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