5 Times Police Responded To Fake Emergencies Caused By TV, Movies & Video Games

If you have ever wanted to really test out your 5.1 channel home surround sound speakers, I suggest doing it with The Matrix– the sounds of bullets whizzing by are super intense and realistic.

The bullet sounds are more realistic than Keanu’s acting, am I right?

However you may want to be warry of your neighbors who could think an actual gun battle is happening in your living room as these folks found out the hard way!

1. The New Season Of “The Walking Dead” Is Off To A Good Start

This past Sunday as Rick and company mowed down some zombies, the good people of Great Falls, Montana reported someone screaming “he’s got a gun!” The windows near the TV were open causing neighbors to mistaken the zombie killing for an actual assault. Damn it, Carl.

2. Police Called Over Loud Screaming Of A Good Kind

The police in the town of Rubi, Catolonia told the man turn the sound down and “behave with more consideration for his community in the future.”

3. The Fake Police Get The Real Cops Called On Them



The show had actually violated its permit and filmed with realistic weapons outside of the designated set perimeter.

4. Video Game Dummy Mistaken For Shooter

They briefly detained Bowling who was the only person in the office, and after they confirmed he wasn’t a burglar, and ended up playing video games with the guy who helped make Call of Duty.

5. Nutter Calls Police Over “Shooting”

25 year-old David Helens went on to scream that he himself was being attacked while on the phone with emergency services. Two ambulances and police were quickly sent to his home where they were stunned to find this brain surgeon sitting in front of his television playing the game, totally fine.  While in GTA you can do whatever you want and get away with it, in RL there are consequences. Helens will serve 180 days of unpaid community service for his 12 minute call that left the dispatcher concerned and shaken from his behavior.

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