5 Sony Films Hacked & Leaked In Response To Seth Rogen North Korea Spoof

Last week Sony Studios was attacked by hackers which crippled the film studio’s Los Angeles headquarters computer systems, shutting down the production facilities and leaving employees computers with threatening messages. Now five of Sony’s unreleased films have been leaked online and all fingers are pointing to North Korea. The “Hermit Kingdom”  may have done it in retaliation for the upcoming Seth Rogen- James Franco comedy The Interview that depicts an assassination attempt of dictator Kim Jong Un.

Kim Jong Un- No You Didn’t!

Screeners of unreleased films leaked by the Chinese based hackers who are thought to be working for the dictatorship, include Annie, Still Alice, Mr. Turner and To Write Love On Her Arms.  This is an incredible breach of security that the American people will never forgive or forget. A leak of Still Alice? Those maniacs! The North Koreans are hell bent on the destruction of capitalism and freedom and the leak of Still Alice is a provocation of war.

She is stunned at how evil North Korea could be to do this.

Just kidding, no one cares. While the war atrocity Annie was downloaded 206 thousand times, the most popular of the hacked flicks with 1.2 million downloads is Fury. Fury is the Brad Pitt film that depicts an American tank squad kicking ass during World War II – so good job North Korean hackers!  Way to stick it to the evil empire. Maybe next time if they want to have North Korean movie night, they may want to illegally download the remake of Red Dawn that has North Korea invading mainland USA. Just a thought.

At least they could have leaked the film they are mad about to ruin it’s box office total; looks kind of good, no?

The hacker group called GOP (Guardians of Peace) says: “Warning: We’ve already warned you, and this is just the beginning. We have obtained all your internal data including secrets and top secrets.”

While that totally sounds like something a group of hackers working for North Korea would say, we have just one question: can you grab some more unreleased footage of the new Star Wars movie for us? – Thanks, America.

Source: Daily Dot

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