5 Clues Justin Bieber’s Retirement is a Publicity Stunt

For Christmas, Justin Bieber announced his retirement on Twitter. Those who love him were devastated. Those who hate him viewed it as a Christmas miracle.

He followed up this message with two other tweets in which he basically said goodbye to his fans.

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So, did Justin Bieber really retire?

No, it’s actually just a publicity stunt. Here are 5 reasons why it’s an obvious hoax:

1. He has a movie being released on Christmas. What better way to drum up interest than to fake retire?

2. Earlier this week, JB released a compilation album that is available for a limited time. Again, attention right now is a good thing for the Canadian pop star.

3. Bieber just finished a 15-month worldwide tour. He was due for a rest, anyways.

4. He can use some non-negative attention. This “retirement” will surely give him that.

5. His management team previously talked about him taking time off for the majority of 2014. This is all part of that plan. 

Don’t worry (or celebrate), Justin Bieber will be back.