5 Offensively Named Restaurants That Honor Nazis, Terrorists And Commie Dictator

The restaurant business is tough, these people made it even harder with their choice in names and branding.  

1. Uncle Ho

A Vietnamese restaurant in Australia is stirring up controversy rather than the pho noodle soup. Opening only two weeks ago the café in Queensland named “Uncle Ho” was forced to close after protests by hundreds of Vietnam War veterans and even receiving death threats.

Who you calling a Ho?

It turns out that “Uncle Ho” is referring to Vietnamese Communist dictator Ho Chi Minh whose regime was responsible for mass deaths, “re-education camps” and the displacement thousands of refugees to places like Australia during the Vietnam War. This bit of history coupled with their military imagery made a lot of people in the community angry at the restaurant owners. They have since released a statement saying they will rename the joint “Uncle Bia Hoi.”

2. There Is An Osama Bin Laden Themed Bar In Brazil

You might think some people are just being overly “politically correct” when they get mad about the name of a restaurant, but I think we can all agree that an Osama bin Laden themed bar is in poor taste. “Bar do Bin Laden” in Sao Paulo, Brazil even comes with its own 9/11 mastermind impersonator.

Their Taco Tuesday special is pretty good, though.

Owner Ceará Francisco Helder Braga Fernandes decided to name his bar after bin Laden due to his striking resemblance to the dead terrorist.  He can be found shocking American tourists from behind the bar while dressed up as the former Al Qaeda leader, posing for pictures and I assume making Irish Car Bombs.

3. Nazi Themed Restaurant In Indonesia

A restaurant in Bandung, Indonesia named Soldaten Kaffe has caused considerable controversy, not for its bad service but because it is like the Hard Rock Café… for fans of genocide.

And you blushed taking your Grandma to Pink Taco.

While the restaurant features prominent Nazi swastikas on its logo and pictures of Adolph Hitler and SS officers inside, the owner Henry Mulayana says; “It is simply part of pop culture with the theme of World War II from the Germany side. It is an art, not extremism and racism.”

I will not have what he’s having.

4. Restaurant Chain Goes All In For Gross Genital Reference



If you thought places like Hooters and Pink Taco were a bit tacky, then you are really not going to like an East Coast Seafood chain called “Dirty Dick’s Crab House.” And if you thought it is just a name and they are not referring to genitals their tagline is: “I Got My Crabs From Dirty Dick’s Crab House.”

5. Taiwan Eatery Says Sorry For Pasta Dish Called “Long Live The Nazis”

In this last one it is not actually not the name of the restaurant itself that has people upset, but rather a dish that this Italian eatery located in Taiwan serves. The Rock Mill restaurant serves something called “Long Live The Nazis.”

For her part after the controversy erupted quicker than a blitzkrieg, restaurant owner Chao Ya-hsin changed the name of the menu item and apologized explaining that they just wanted to connect for customers that there is German sausage in the pasta dish.

Chao said, “When we were deciding on a name for this pasta dish, it never occurred to us that the word Nazi would stir up such controversy.”

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