5 Great Tracy Morgan Moments

Only two weeks ago Saturday Night Live and 30 Rock star Tracy Morgan was in a terrible accident when a truck driver slammed into the back of the limo carrying him and another comic from their show in New Jersey. Sadly comedian James McNair was killed in the accident and others were seriously hurt.

That’s why we are all thankful that his condition was upgraded this week from critical to fair and Morgan was released from the hospital today. He was transferred to a rehabilitation clinic where he will have an extensive recovery process for a broken leg, nose and several broken ribs. Tracy seems like a really sweet and silly guy and we hope he will be able to bring laughter to his fans again soon.

1. “Somebody ’bout to get pregnant tonight!”

The ultimate party for Tracy Morgan is a party where everyone is having such a good time that someone gets pregnant. He once said “I’m just doing karate and trying to get females pregnant.” He loves making everyone and everything pregnant! Here he is as Tracy Jordan on 30 Rock about to get his lunch pregnant.

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2. Brian Fellows!

“Brian Fellows” was one of those reoccurring characters on SNL where you can tell they were trying to parody something that they saw on TV once, somewhere… I guess. However Tracy always brought the silliness and made the weak premise for the sketch work. I could listen to Tracy read the phone book with the funny way he says stuff, so he helped get a laugh out of a lot of terrible SNL sketches. “This bird is a liar!”

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3. Reponses to “Bitch Is the New Black”

During the 2008 presidential election, Tina Fey went on Saturday Night Live to state her support for Hillary Clinton saying that “Bitch is the new Black.” Tracy had a response for her that will make you laugh even if you hate Clinton and Obama.

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4. Dating a Coked Up Girl

Known for his characters on SNL and his more family friendly material on 30 Rock, some fans forget that Tracy can be a filthy comedian- just the way we like it. Here Tracy discusses what he has to go through on a date with a young lady high on the cocaine.

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5. Tracy Morgan’s Alter Ego Is Chico Divine

Some of Tracy’s best moments come during his many television interviews. Here is one only a couple of months before the accident where Jimmy Kimmel asks him about going to Miami which apparently brings out someone called “Chico Divine. ”I would totally hang with Chico Divine.

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