5 Creepy Weird Things Witnessed Working The Graveyard Shift

Working the graveyard shift for any job can be scary. While most of us are fast asleep, you alone are awake, working in the middle of the night. If your own mind doesn’t play tricks on you and convince you that demons and ghosts are going to burst into your workspace – you may have to deal with real, live crazy people. That’s why the folks at Reddit have asked; what is the creepiest, weirdest thing you have seen or experienced during a nighttime graveyard shift?

1. The Cashier Helps The Man From The River

Commenter Threatwall says:

“Worked at a 24 hours college minimart on the edge of campus right next to a river. On saturdays I would work 9-2 and again from 9-4 that night.”

“One cold winter, snowy, night, I see someone climb out of the river and walk over to the store. He was beat and cut to hell and was limping as well as dripping wet.”

 “He picked out a pack of cigarettes, a lighter, a small bottle of coke, and a college jacket. He started patting down for his wallet, but he didn’t have any.”

 “I told him it was OK and that I’ll take care of it (it seems like he was having a bad day, I just put in “student athlete” in our computer as they got anything for free under $100). He gave me this look like I just gave him a million dollars.”

“He then went outside, put the jacket, lit a cigarette up and walked down the road.He never said a word.”

2. The Janitor’s Building Is Infiltrated

Commenter Shitterplug says; “I was a janitor when I was younger.”

“This was a huge building with several different companies in it.”

“I was vacuuming the 10th floor when I see a computer turned on. I had passed it no more than half an hour earlier and all the screens were off. I figured I had bumped the desk or something earlier and woke it up.”

“A few minutes later I get a call from my friend/coworker blaming me for trying to spook him. He was running a floor polisher in the lobby and apparently one of the elevators showed up with no one in it.

“Later that night we closed up the building and after trying to activate the security system, it warned us that a door by the loading dock was open. Sure as hell, it was held open with a rolled up magazine. Neither of us would have done this, it was a secure building, requiring key cards for almost every door. Chills kind of go down my spine.”

“We piece everything together and come to the conclusion that someone who should not have been up there was up there. With me. Alone. On the way down, we assumed they accidentally hit the lobby button, so they got off at another floor, then went down to the level B and snuck out the back. We immediately call the building manager. He hauls ass over and assesses the situation.”

“Some higher-ups who were renting the office space show up freakishly fast. As I’m laying in bed, thoughts about who the fuck that was and what they were doing raced through my head. Someone stealing data? CIA? Did we catch a spook? The very next night, there were several security guards watching us like hawks. The entire situation was very odd, and very hushed.”

3. Hospital Worker Gets Gift From A Father- Grandfather

Commenter kt_h says:  “This happened a while ago in a hospital setting. A girl and her father had consensually had sex and had a baby. Their daughter was a patient on our unit.”

“Mom and dad were at bedside with the child, and the two would sleep together on a pull out couch in the hospital room at night. Sparing major details, it was a strange situation.”

 “Anyways, I was working night shift one night and caring for this family. Somewhere around 3 am, I was sitting alone at the main desk. The lights were dimmed, everyone was asleep, and everything was absolutely silent.”

 “The grandfather/father quietly emerges from the room and surprises me at the front desk with a small, plastic, toy car. He places it on my desk, pushes it back and forth, and says “Come on baby, can I take you for a ride?”

4. Gym Employee Catches Couple Going At It In The Pool

Commenter bumgees says: “Worked night shift at a gym.”

“Walked into the pool area to start scrubbing the pool deck and I see 2 drunk people having sex in the shallow end. Woman was on her back with her legs up in the air and her big ol titties hanging out.”

“The guy was ramming it to her pretty good. They didn’t notice me so I stood there for a few minutes watching. Thinking to myself, my god, I have always dreamed of this moment!

“I grabbed the pool stick and tap the guy on the shoulder. He stops what he is doing and turns his head to look at me. I tell them they need to leave. He asks if he can finish.

I say hell no, I don’t want to clean floating jizz out of the water. I almost had to call the cops but thankfully they left without too much of a fight.”

5. The Man In The Firehouse

Commenter RentAScout Says:  “Sweeping the floor alone in the firehouse at 2am…”

“ …and found a middle-aged man laying under the truck. He ran out the door when I spotted him.”

 “Our guess it was a suicide to run him over when we got a call but who knows.”

“This is a few weeks after another incident when I heard screaming outside the station. I get up about midnight to look outside the door when somebody covered in blood smashes into the glass door screaming. Said he was being stabbed.”

“It was him stabbing himself because of drugs.”

Source: Reddit