5 Commercials Banned From The Big Game For Being Too Awesome

Each year, numerous companies pay millions to air their spots, their yearly hopes and dreams that those 30-60 seconds can supply a year’s worth of revenue. And sometimes, those spots get rejected for reasons like “indecency.” We believe that it’s really because they are too awesome. Here are five spots that prove it.

Bud Light – Apology Bot

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This commercial was deemed too racy by the lame police. To us, it’s simply a story of a man that knows he wronged his lovely girlfriend and wants to make things right. What’s wrong with redemption, FCC?


PETA – Veggie Love

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Nothing against vegetarians, but they are stupid. Seriously, why did God create delicious animals if we weren’t suppose to eat them? But I digress. This ad was rejected because it was super hot and would give everyone erections and having erections around your buddies makes things awkward.


Ashley Madison

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This ad was rejected because it’s probably not good to have affairs. Why is divorce not an option for this woman? Because that dude is rich and suddenly she wouldn’t have money? Is it because he is a secret Russian spy and divorce would equal deflection from the Mother Land’s beliefs? Too many unanswered questions. It’s like the “LOST” of pro-marital affairs commercials. No thanks.

Bud Light – Cut The Cheese

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Oh, so we’re too good for fart jokes now? Shame on us. Shame on America.


The Best Doritos Ad Ever Created

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This ad was created for Doritos’ 2012 commercial contest and is the best thing ever created in all the years Doritos has been doing it. While everyone on the internet loved it, Doritos actually rejected it because Doritos is stupid.

Are there any rejected commercials you especially like? Let us know in the comments! And watch all our favorites and the new big game commercials here!