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For today in Garage Science I am taking a look at all of the new, weird and exciting technology that came out of the Consumer Electronics Show 2016. From the latest self-driving electric cars to flying taxi drones that can carry a person, CES was full of cool gadgets and gear this year.


This looks really cool, I have no idea what it is!

However, they should probably call it the Costly Electronics Show, because much of these electronics are very costly for the average consumer.  That’s why I’m going to give you some low priced Garage Science alternatives!

1. “Laundroid” The Laundry Folding Machine

This one is kind of old timey in a weird way- and I like it. It’s like a 1950’s version of the future: “Your washing machine will fold your laundry!” I bet you they had a guy trying to make one of these back in the day at The World’s Fair. That’s because the Laundroid is a robot being developed by a Japanese company called Seven Dreamers and it promises to fold your laundry.

They hope to have the device for sale by 2018 and include it in homes next to your washer and dryer. The bot uses image recognition software to separate your pants from your shirts and fold them accordingly. It takes anywhere from three to ten minutes to fold one piece of laundry.

Laundroid Alternative:

I guess at a certain point in time the concept of an electric “washer and dryer” probably seemed weird to people, so why not a robotic “folder?” Well, they are expected to initially cost “thousands of dollars.” Hopefully the price comes down, but until then I suggest an alternative. Hire a small day laborer to stand inside your washroom closet on laundry day and fold your clothes while making robot sounds. “Beep, boop, blorp, bing!” Just kidding. You should use a bear trap.


Lay open a bear trap in the corner of your washroom and throw your clean shirts and pants over it. When it snaps shut your laundry will be folded.  Even if your clothes don’t come out perfectly neat and folded, who cares? I normally just ball my clothes and throw them in the corner until I wear them anyway.

2. LG’s 18 Inch Rollable OLED TV

You might want to keep this pricey television away from The Laundroid or it will be fluffed and folded with your tighty-whities. That is because LG has introduced an 18 inch television screen that can be rolled up and folded like a newspaper. The razor thin television uses OLED technology and will have use in future mobile devices, tablets and to be wrapped around interior surfaces such as the inside of cars.

LG Rollable TV Alternative:

In addition to Laundroid, you might want to keep these televisions away from Willie Nelson or they might be used for rolling papers, am I right? According to LG these bendy TV’s might not be available to the public for a while. So if you want to watch TV on a curvy surface you are going to need this quick and easy alternative.


  • First, get a crumpled piece of paper.
  • Second purchase a used video projector that can connect to your cable television app or streaming service. Or better yet, in order to save money “borrow” a school projector from your high school chemistry teacher.  
  • Third, turn on the video projector and point it at the crumpled piece of paper.  

3. The KeyMouse: Keyboard Mouse Hyrbid



You are probably on your computer right now thinking if only someone came up with a way for me to not have to lift my hands. Well good news, this year at CES the KeyMouse was unveiled to the world. Featuring two separate halves of the keyboard, you can now spread out your hands more comfortably as you type. Not only that the bottom of the KeyMouse is, you guessed it a mouse! So when you are typing you don’t have to lift your hand to move the mouse, it’s already incorporated into your keyboard. Genius. This should cut down on carpal tunnel syndrome and lower arm muscle tone.

KeyMouse Alternative:

While the KeyMouse is relatively cheap compared to some of these other futuristic gadgets, coming in at $399, you might want to try an alternative budget saving solution. That is why I suggest you break an old keyboard in half and tape a mouse to the bottom of it.


  • First break a keyboard in half.
  • Second tape a mouse to the bottom of one of the halves of the keyboard.
  • Third, good luck figuring out how the wiring for this would work.[[———— Section Break ————]


4. Pregnancy Pro Digital Bluetooth Connected Pregnancy Test

What could go wrong with a Bluetooth enabled pregnancy test? You might accidently Facebook the whole thing to your friends and family?


This has the added bonus of being one of the only new gadgets unveiled at CES this year that you are supposed to urinate on. (What happens with those little personal robots after hours is none of our business.) The good folks at First Response developed a pee stick that connects to a smart phone app… because holy shit it’s 2016 and what would you do if you couldn’t look at your phone for five minutes while you find out if you’re having a baby or it’s just gas?


OK, so their heart is in the right place. The test app helps you through the process and depending on if you are pro or con being preggers, gives users a tailored response to the news. Supposedly this includes “calming down” ecstatic new parents or mortified baby’s mammas.

Bluetooth Connected Pregnancy Test Alterative:

At $25 bucks a pop the test isn’t that pricier than traditional pregnancy tests. However, if you want to save a few bucks and are sick of downloading new apps to your phone here is an alternative.  

  • First, purchase a regular old pregnancy test.
  • Second, go to your mom’s house.
  • Third, use the pregnancy test as directed.
  • Fourth, immediately share the news with her. This way if you are happy about the news, the new grandmother will be excited as well and their emotions will overtake your own. Who needs a stupid app telling you to calm down? Likewise if you’re a preggers teenager your mom is going to be hella pissed and will distract you from any fear of your own.

5. Sensorwake: Alarm Clock That Wakes You Up With Smells



OK, this is another one that feels more like something out of Willy Wonka’s factory, than CES, but a hot ticket item this year was the Sensorwake. It is essentially an alarm clock that wakes you up with smells. For $109 you can own this alarm that uses refillable cartridges to pump smells into your bedroom at the time you set the thing to wake you up. For instance they have the smell of freshly brewed coffee to tickle your nostrils just like a Folgers commercial. However you can also wake up to the sweet smell of mint or money- which I guess is a great present for any Wall Street types to give them a reason to get out of bed in the morning.

Sensorwake Alternative:

While $109 might be a little pricey for an alarm clock, the idea of fresh scents waking you up each morning is mighty enticing. That is why I offer you this alternative.


  • First, purchase an old programmable Mr. Coffee and put it in your bedroom.  
  • Second, if the smell of actual fresh coffee is not enough for you simply fill the coffee maker with either a wad of cash or some fresh mint to brew.
  • Third, set the time you would like the Mr. Coffee to wake you up and have the fresh scent of old soggy money.

Which gadget from CES 2016 was your favorite?

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