44-Year-Old Virgin Finally Has Sex Thanks To His Futuristic Bionic Penis

Mohammad Abad had an unfortunate situation many years back that left him with a penis that, well, was broken. But luckily, after years of not being able to have sex, Abad was finally able to “make love” to a woman at the age of 44-years-old. Take that, father time!

Science really did Abad a solid when he went underwent a procedure in 2012 to finally fix his broken penis after a car accident when he was only six-years-old. The amazing students at the University College in London helped fulfill Abad’s dream of having a working penis again and just shy under four years too since his first procedure! Hey, better four years than never, right?

Luckily, Abad had shared his broken penis story with the press when a woman named Charlotte decided to track down Abad and get in touch with him about his problem. Abad then apparently wasted no time in asking Charlotte to be his first “lady of the night” with an invitation to intercourse. Dude’s more like a 44-year-old playa’ than a virgin.

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But, after all of this time, the guy has earned the right to be straight forward. He was married previously and tried to have sex the traditional route but only told his then wife about his broken penis after they exchanged vows. In short, that marriage didn’t work out and Abad was left to wonder if he’d ever have sex. Cue science…and Charlotte!

Abad showing off what a broken penis looks like.

Doctors say Abad’s penis is working just fine and that he actually might be able to have kids one day. Abad says that after losing his virginity, he’s ready to hit the scene and meet more women, now having the confidence that Charlotte was able to give him. Well, that and finally having a penis that works.