4 Times Video Games Fooled Real People

Video games have come a long way since ET on the Atari which looked like the technological version of a fart on your TV.  These days graphics are so good, some people are having a tough time distinguishing them from things like, say, reality.

Isis Attack

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The war against ISIS is a pretty serious matter, so it’s good that Egyptian television personality Ahmed Moussa made it a little lighter when he went on TV to point out how bad the Americans are at fighting ISIS and how good the Russians are by playing about 5 solid minutes of footage from a game called Apache Air Assault that was uploaded to Youtube about 5 years ago.

The footage features that grainy looking imagery of heat signatures you do tend to see on the news sometimes, and a bunch of English voices celebrating their kills.  Apparently Moussa doesn’t speak Russian or English and neither does anyone on his production staff.  How they found the video at all is kind of puzzling.

Moussa celebrates the awesome precision of the Russians as the video game footage shows many tiny heat signature people and vehicles being blown to smithereens, while explaining that Americans could never be so decisive in a war.  It’s basically 13 minutes of a man making himself look like a comoletely smug moron.


Nissan Loves Itself

Do you like racing games?  They really seem to be a love them or hate them genre.  But most people can agree that, of the many genres available, racing games tend to have some of the most incredible graphics.  I like to think it’s because they can focus a lot of time on the background since rendering a car is probably a little easier than rendering Solid Snake drop kicking a dude’s head off a cliff.  Anyway,  Driveclub for the PS4 was so realistic in its depiction of a Nissan that even Nissan didn’t know the difference.

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When a player uploaded a few images of a Nissan from the game to his Twitter, Nissan’s official twitter responded asking if he took the photos himself.  Then a third person kindly pointed out that they weren’t real and the Nissan social media guy did a “shucks, them graphics sure is good” mea culpa and the whole sad scene was over.


Child Soldiers

News Station Uses Metal Gear Solid V Pic for… by AllGamesBeta

So covering a story about child soldiers in the Sudan is probably depressing as hell and something maybe you don’t want to mess up.  And that in turn means if someone didn’t get fired, they probably got a stern talking to over at the Russian news show that opted to use an image from Metal Gear: Solid instead of a real picture of child soldiers, of which there are tons on the internet. 


The IRA Weapons

ITV in Britain was premiering a new show back in 2011 and the sensational story they were going to tell their viewers was about the IRA being supplied weapons by one-time dictator Muammar Gaddafi. The shocking footage showed IRA members shooting down a helicopter.  It was all quite dramatic until a few viewers noticed it was pulled right from a computer game called Arma 2.

ITV’s response was not that they’d made crap up and tried to fool anyone, because clearly that wouldn’t be good. Instead, they said they really did have the footage the story was talking about, but through human error they just included the wrong footage.  So they really did have real footage of IRA using weapons from Gaddafi to shoot a helicopter it just got accidentally replaced with video game footage of IRA members using weapons from Gaddafi to shoot down a helicopter.

The clip was quickly removed from the archives “until it could be properly edited.”  Meanwhile, this clip of basically the same thing from the same game still exists.

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