4 Shows We’d Like To Reboot with Boy Meets World

There’s a curious amount of excitement about the return of the show Boy Meets World, a show that made Fred Savage’s brother famous, which is to say he was on the show and never seen again.  Most of the excitement is a mix of 90’s nostalgia and semi-pervness related to the show’s other star Danielle Fischel who we can all agree is hot now but was like 12 on the show so it’s vaguely creepy for people to be so horned up to see her again.

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Be that as it may, is Boy Meets World the only show deserving of a reboot?  Here’s four shows we want to see kicked off again. 

Who’s the Boss?

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Follow our logic on this – Alyssa Milano.  Not bad, huh?  But if that’s not enough, the idea of rebooting a show about a *rofl* male maid is clearly groundbreaking.  Plus he’s all rough and Danza-ish.  Oh man, it’ll play like gangbusters on NBC.  The new show could bring back Milano and Danza and let’s say Tony married Angela or something and they live in a shiny new house and need a new housekeeper who can be played by The Wire’s Michael Chiklis or maybe Tony Soprano.  And that guy has his own hot daughter.

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Toss in the ghost of Mona and at least some evidence that Danny Pintauro who played Angela’s son is still alive and you got yourself a solid 5 seasons of TV.  But mostly just Alyssa Milano.

Growing Pains

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The show that made Kirk Cameron a star should absolutely be rebooted now that Cameron has transitioned from fame to infamy.  We all know that banana video by now, right?  What better place for a devout, hardcore zealot Christian known for espousing hateful and uneducated views on the world than in the middle of a family sitcom?  You could say literally anywhere else but that would totally miss the potential comedy value of Kirk Cameron trying to explain to Alan Thicke why he’s going to hell for listening to the devil’s music.

Plus Leonardo DiCaprio started on this show and everyone loves him now.

Even Stevens

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This is the show responsible for giving Shia LaBeouf to the world and, for a kid, he was a pretty decent actor back in the day.  His character was basically one of those precocious tools that shows featuring kids love and the show was mostly about him doing preposterous crap no kid does, fighting with his sister and putting up with the ugly neighbor boy.  Plus Fed Savage directed some episodes, so there’s that.

A reboot of this show would do a world of good and it’s not just because the girls who played Shia’s sister and girlfriend are hot, which they are.  Mostly it’s because Shia LaBeouf has morphed into an unshaven artiste of a serious actor who fights paparazzi and has real sex in art films as though anyone wants to see that.  He needs to get back to his roots before Hollywood bans him, and he’s close after what he did to Indiana Jones.  Plus have you seen the kid who played Beans lately? 

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Oh man.

Full House

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The seminal 90’s show, Full House had Olsen twins, Bob Saget, John Stamos and Kimmy Gibbler.  Since the show the Olsen twins became bajillionaire tabloid fodder, Bob Saget reclaimed his crown as a comedian who just swears non stop, Stamos is still handsome, Gibbler is gone and, lest we forget, Dave Coulier was on VH1’s The Surreal Life while little Stephanie Tanner became a drug addict then grew up to look like this.

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If you can think of any reason it wouldn’t be awesome to have all these people on a show again, we’d love to hear it.