Live Stream Stupid: 4 Criminal Acts Streamed Online

Thanks to a handful of apps like Periscope, it’s easier than ever to become your own reality show and broadcast whatever you’re doing live online.  What an age we live in!  So far the app is super popular for people who want to watch movies and offer commentary for the movies at the same time.  It’s also popular with criminals because what better way to commit a crime than to record it so there’s proof it happened.

Live Stream Drunk

If you’re going to stream a felony, it’s probably best you do it drunk so that in prison you at least have that as an excuse to try to make yourself not look quite as dumb.  You’ll still look dumb, just not as dumb.

Twenty-three year old Whitney Marie Beall was arrested in Florida, because obviously, after she decided to broadcast a drunken drive through town on Periscope complete with  this piece of kick ass color commentary – “I’m f****** drunk and this is horrible!” 

Unbelievably, Beall was driving in circles, totally plastered, for nearly an hour before cops showed up after some people viewing the stream alerted them.  Because cops in Florida absolutely will not make an effort unless someone forces them.  The cops determined her location by just watching the stream until they could pick out some landmarks.  I like to think that included maybe some dude splayed across her hood that a cop recognized.

When cops arrived they said Beall smelled of alcohol and appeared discombobulated.  Excellent choice of words, officers.

Live Stream Robbery

We told you about this story about a week ago, a live stream gamer got a visit from cops who arrested him, all live on camera, after receiving a noise complaint and the gamer refusing to show any ID.  Shortly after he’s taken away, someone else enters his apartment, still being streamed, and starts stealing his crap.  Who was that bandit?  The same neighbor who called in the noise complaint.  The man returns an hour later and steals even more stuff.  So the people still watching called the cops and had him arrested for burglary.

The general belief here is that the neighbor was watching the stream and saw some stuff he wanted so he rigged the whole incident to be able to get into the apartment.  You’d think that would also mean he’d be aware of the camera pointed at him but sometimes even the best criminal mastermind has a hole or two in their schemes.


Live Stream Prank

Hey, remember this?  We even put this one on the site because even though it’s a crime, it’s amusing and Steve-O is famous so it’s worth a view.  And as much as Mr. O is trying to affect change and protest for a noble cause, he was still technically committing a crime when he climbed his zany ass up a crane.  Oh Steve-O, what will you do next?

Live Stream Attempted Murder


Two fellows in Sacramento were feeling a little out of sorts one night when it became clear that a third gentleman was making untoward advances to a female friend of one of the first two gentlemen.  What to do?  Perhaps confront this third rapscallion and request he cease any and all objectionable contact forthwith?  Yes, that sounds appropriate.  And the best way to execute such a plan is to broadcast you  and your buddy on periscope hunting down this third guy.  With a gun.

For the better part of an hour, Damon Batson and Carlos Gonzalez, made their way to the house a a guy they planned to “take care of” because he’d been talking to the girlfriend of one of the two.  Unfortunately for them, when they got to his house, no one was there.  During the course of the video, viewers asked for proof the gun was real and Gonzalez was kind enough to test fire it to prove that yep, there were totally going to murder that third guy.

As you probably guessed, once the police got wind of the video, the two men were arrested because filming your murder plot rarely works out well.