Woman 33 Weeks Pregnant Continues To Hit The Gym, But Is It Wrong?

22-year-old Brittany Hore (an unfortunate name, I’ll say it for you) says hitting the gym at 33 weeks pregnant isn’t about trying to stay skinny, it’s about doing what she loves. Regardless, does this seems a little unsafe to anyone else?

Fortunately, Hore is not a novice when it comes to workout safety being a qualified personal trainer herself and following a structured program during her pregnancy. It’s usually a 30-40 minute workout with tricep dips, barbell curls and squats. Seems like a lot, but she assures that it’s similar routine she held during her first pregnancy with her son Orlando. I’d think 10 minutes oughtta cut, but that’s only because most things should not take longer than it would take to bake a frozen pizza.

Luckily, Hore says that if she feels sick, she’ll skip training for the day. Thank goodness. At 22, we all know if you don’t skip a day of working out you’re entire body will fall a part.

I’m no gym-guru, let alone a pregnancy-guru, but other professionals say “Women should generally avoid doing exercises on their backs, be aware of blood pressure changes and single-leg work is generally too aggressive on the sacroiliac joint. But everyone is different when it comes to how much exercise they can handle and women just need to monitor themselves.”

Either way, I’d fear a pregnant woman getting dizzy while exercising with weights and falling over. Call me crazy but that seems like a plausible thing.

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source: Daily Mail