30 Year-old Son Murders Hedge-Fund Dad Over $200 Of Allowance Money

Thomas Gilbert Jr. is what you might call a spoiled rich kid. And by “spoiled” I mean a homicidal maniac who attends Manhattan “black tie events” with beautiful women on his arm as his parents pay his bills into his 30’s. His father, Wainscott Capital hedge fund founder Thomas Gilbert Sr. was providing his progeny with $2,400 a month rent and $600 for spending money. He wanted to cut the spending money by $200 to $400 a month. I guess the father was just trying to teach his son some responsibility and self-reliance.

Douchiest Mugshot of The Year Early Contender?

Sure it’s “innocent until proven guilty” but all evidence is pointing at the young playboy who would give Patrick Bateman a run for his money. The son had argued with his father over his allowance before and the gun he owned has been identified as the murder weapon. Even his own mother has fingered him as the culprit. That’s because Gilbert came over the family’s fancy Beekman Place building on Sunday he asked his mother to go buy him a sandwich so he could be alone to shoot his father in the head. That’s messed up; can you imagine asking your mom to go buy you a sandwich? What is he a 30 year old Eric Cartman? Buy your own damn sandwich!

Visual approximation of the victim.

When the mother returned to the home with the sandwich she discovered her husband’s body and called 911 telling them “My husband’s been shot by my son!”

The police later arrested him at his apartment- the one his father had been paying for. They also found the box and ammunition from the gun used to kill the dad.

“I’m in murders and executions.”

At first I thought maybe there was something a little “off” with the younger Gilbert and was the reason his parents were supporting him so graciously but sources say he graduated from Princeton. 

Maybe this kid will be getting a new roommate?

Maybe he can use the “Affluenenza Defense” that that teenager in Texas, Ethan Couch used after killing four people while drunk driving. He only got probation since his defense argued that he grew up so wealthy and privileged that he didn’t know right from wrong.

Do you guys think Thomas Gilbert Jr. could mount a good “Affluenza Defense?”

Source: NY Post 

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