What Happens When A Toddler Picks Out Your Clothes

WARNING: The following story contains unusually high levels of cuteness and can evoke mental images of an adorable nature. If videos of kittens playing “Peek-a-Boo” or babies laughing uncontrollably cause numbness of the face or loss of feeling in your lower extremities, we strongly urge you not to continue reading this article. Break.com will not be held responsible for any permanent blushing or exploding of heads from this sweet story about a mom letting her little one pick out her clothes for her for a week. 

Summer Bellessa has a 3-year-old son named Rockwell, perhaps the coolest name we’ve ever heard that we didn’t know could be a first name. She wanted to give her little one a chance to be in charge of her life for a little while since the very nature of being a mom requires you to spend a lot of time “telling people what to do.” Since she didn’t trust Rockwell with balancing her checkbook or getting an inspection sticker for her car, she let him pick out her outfits for an entire week. 

Every morning, Rockwell would go through his mommy’s closet and pick out the outfit she would wear that day and he actually has a pretty unique sense of style and color. He tended to go for more colorful items like a blue flower dress, a dark green army jacket and a pair of neon colored socks and shoes. That might sound horrifying if you’re the kind of person who cares about what they wear but for some reason, they just work. 

He even found a way to make mismatched shoes accent each other like when he picked a rain galosh and a brown boot on the same day. 

We wish that Summer and Rockwell had kept their little arrangement going just a little while longer. Imagine the possibilities. One day, she might have to wear a tube top, a fire helmet and a pair of parachute pants and we’re sure Rockwell could impress Tim Gunn with it. 


LINK: http://elitedaily.com/envision/adorable-boy-dresses-mom-awesome-outfits-week-photos/933655/