3 Times Gal Gadot Made Us Fall In Love With Her

Gal Gadot is perfection.

That isn’t an opinion or a topic of debate; it’s a goddamn scientific fact. The Israeli actress is a flawless human specimen as if, like her super heroine character, she truly was sculpted by Zeus’ own hand. And with Wonder Woman hitting theaters this weekend (and drawing positive reviews across the board), now is the perfect time to celebrate this Amazonian goddess that has been so gratefully bestowed upon mankind.

Gadot may not be Aphrodite, but she certainly knows how to make men swoon. Here are three times this fantastic female made us all fall in love with her.

1. Miss Israel Competing In Miss Universe

Did y’all know that Gadot was named Miss Israel at just 18 years old and then competed in the Miss Universe pageant at 19? Well she did, and the fact that she wasn’t crowned the winner is a crime against humanity that will never be forgotten.

I know that clip is from 2004, but I just love seeing Gadot bounce around to hard techno that sounds like it’s from the early 90s. It gives her such a hilarious naiveté. Like the whole thing is ridiculous, but she’s so young and plucky that it doesn’t matter. Yeah, that bikini walk and spin doesn’t hurt either.

I know these contests are all fake BS for the most part, but I can’t help but adore her for her answers. The announcer says (in hilariously accented fashion) that she won’t compromise her principles, makes her own decisions and values relationships with other people above all else.

Ooooh, be still my beating heart.

2. Self-Sacrifice

What every dude needs is a ride or die chick and Gadot’s character of Gisele in the Fast & Furious movies—her true mainstream introduction to American audiences—was exactly that. I’m not a big fan of the franchise—I’m old enough to still remember when it was about drag racing and stolen VCR players—but the sparks between her and Han were lit as the kids say these days. Sacrificing herself to save him in Fast & Furious 6 gave me a big ‘ol case of Man Tears.*

It’s no surprise that Gadot’s turn in the series (movies four through six) also coincided with the franchise’s rebound from the indefensible Tokyo Drift and subsequent launch in popularity. No, she wasn’t a major character and yes, The Rock had a lot to do with that. But adding a full-blown bombshell like her – significantly more beautiful than the rest of the female cast – did not hurt one bit.

RIP Gisele

*pours one out for the fallen homie

3. Saving Batman v Superman

Even if you enjoyed Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, I think we can all agree that it failed to meet expectations on several fronts. Hell, even Gadot’s big screen introduction as Wonder Woman could have been done more gracefully. But damn if I don’t think she’s the most badass character in this movie.

First of all, she’s once again looking like the dime piece that she is; any dude who isn’t imagining his girlfriend in that Wonder Woman costume needs to chickety check himself. Second of all, she kicks serious ass and really sells her action scenes. For a woman on the svelte side, Gadot definitely packs a punch. Third of all, her character is treated to the most gangster theme song of any person in this shared cinematic universe. That wailing guitar gets me jacked up (in more ways than one).

So, yeah, basically I really want to f— Wonder Woman. Thanks for that, Gal Gadot. Can’t wait for Wonder Woman.