How Badly Would You Beat Someone For A Burger?

Ever been so hungry you said something like “I’d kill for a sandwich?”  Maybe you got more colorful and said you’d eat various parts of a dead bear or something equally disgusting and outlandish to express that yes, indeed, you are hungry.  It’s a thing many of us do and it’s just another colorful bit of hyperbole many of us enjoy from day to day.  And then comes a story like this in which all hell breaks loose over a hamburger.

Myriah Pointer was hanging out with some friends eating some burgers when Tekia Strickland got a little beef possessive.  Pointer apparently sat on the couch without noticing someone had placed a burger there.  Big Mac?  Whopper? We may never know.  But what we do know is that her friends literally beat her mercilessly for hours.  HOURS!  For at least two hours, pointer was punched and kicked until she drifted in and out of consciousness while others in the house filmed it and eventually posted it to WorldstarHipHop.  The video shows Pointer on the floor, her face bruised and bloodied – she ended up with numerous fractures – while some dude sits on the couch with a baby and watches.

Strickland was charged with three felonies – aggravated battery, aggravated assault and false imprisonment.  Several other suspects got the same charges tossed their way and, thanks to the video the wingnuts posted, odds are the trial will be a pretty swift and easy affair. But even if everyone gets convicted, the question remains as to why that hamburger was so important it was worth a two hours beating?  Can you imagine how pissed you’d have to be to beat someone for two hours?  How do you even have the energy?  You’d need to stop at least once to have a drink and tale a breather.  This is like a mob-style message being delivered to someone who went against the family.

According to Pointer, the group took turns, some of them holding her down, others stomping on her face and body, over and over again.  After the fractures, hair pulling, black eyes and a couple of broken teeth, they finally gave Pointer her phone back and let her call her a ride to leave. 

Let this be a lesson to all of us however; next time you’re out with friends having some chalupas or ribs or sandwiches, absolutely do not sit on your friend’s meal.  You may get beaten mercilessly as a result.