Police Records Prove The 3-Boobed Woman Is A Fraud

It is with a mix of sadness and smug joy that we report the woman claiming to have had plastic surgery to add a third boob has been outed as a fraud. As we suspected, the whole thing was as fake as the Martian hooker in an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie.

While some wanted to believe that a young woman named Jasmine Tridevil paid $20,000 to have a third breast surgically attached, we here at Break have been a part of the Third Boob Truth Movement from the beginning, calling it as a hoax. Now we have the smoking gun, an official document, way better than any foreign birth certificate- proving she is not full of silicone, but full of LIES.

I’ve heard of stuffing a bra, but this is dumb.

TMZ is now confirming that a woman (“victim”) named Alisha J. Hessler reported that her luggage was stolen at the Tampa International Airport from an American Airlines conveyor belt, which included her black Nylon roller bag. The airport police nabbed the bag snatchers on security cameras and returned the bag. However, before they did so they made a list of all the items in the bag, including a three-boob prosthetic that they list as valued at $5,000 dollars. That liar! She claimed the boobs cost $20 thousand!

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The Tampa Airport Police Report – Do Airport Cops Eat Peanuts?

So this whole hoax might have been thwarted if some airport thieves got away with their crime. The woman, whatever her real name is, claimed to get the third fun bag as a way to score a MTV reality television show with the added bonus of being less attractive to men. While that in and of itself sounds like the ramblings of a mad woman, the facts just didn’t add up. Anyone who has ever watched the plastic surgery nightmare reality show Botched on the E! could tell you that a legitimate plastic surgeon would never agree to perform such a potentially horrific and ethically questionable body modification.  Much like those people who travel across the border to get medically unnecessary amputations, old Tri-Boob over here would have to go to Mexico to get this surgery. There, she would most likely leave with disfiguring scars on her chest and torso; most normal boob jobs leave a little evidence of the hack job being performed. To her credit, the fake triplets look pretty darn good!

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