3 Arrested For Running Fake 3000-Year-Old Masonic Knights Templar Police Force

We guarantee this is the weirdest story you will read today and we just posted an article on decorative Japanese anime toilets. Three people in California have been arrested including an aide to State Attorney General Kamala D. Harris for operating a FAKE police department. Sounds like someone watched Let’s Be Cops one to many times.

Members of the rogue force called the Masonic Fraternal Police Department include Brandon Kiel, Tonette Hayes and David Henry. Kiel is a state employee working as the deputy director of community fairs for the California Department of Justice under Harris.  That’s going to make for an awkward day at the office.

Brandon Kiel, Tonette Hayes and David Henry, from left, Knight Cops! They claim to be decedents of the Knights Templar

The group claims to be part of a 3,000 year-old organization created by the Knights Templar in 1100BC. We can’t be sure that this “police force” was created by the infamous Knights Templar, especially since according to history the Knights Templar itself wasn’t created until after the first Crusade in 1119AD, but you know; details.  We can however be certain that conspiracy theorists heads are exploding with glee.

These people weren’t just going around pretending to be cops to pull people over for laughs. These would-be cops claim to be part of an actual police force and in a bold move sent letters to several real, police departments around Southern California announcing Kiel as their new leader. Kiel identified himself as the group’s Chief Deputy Director and arranged to have in person meetings with local sheriffs. This included Sheriff’s Capt. Roosevelt Johnson who runs the Santa Clarita Valley police station. Capt. Johnson met with the members of the group and started to get suspicious when they couldn’t provide details or objectives. Police later found weapons, uniforms and police style vehicles at the homes of the suspects.

They even have a pretty sweet looking website where you can “report a crime.”

Just read how they describe themselves, this is the best. Like the kid from Kick Ass joined a cult or something:

“The Masonic Fraternal Organization is the oldest and most respected organization in the “World.” Grand Masters around the various states are facing serious safety concerns for their Jurisdictions and their family members. The first Police Department was created by the “Knights Templar’s” back in 1100 B.C.  The Masonic Fraternal Police Department, (M.F.P.D.) is the Knights Templar’s!

When asked what is the difference between The Masonic Fraternal Police Department and other Police Departments the answer is simple for us. We were here first! We are born into this Organization our bloodlines go deeper then an application. This is more then a job it is an obligation.  The Masonic Fraternal Police Department (M.F.P.D.) is a Masonic Sovereign Jurisdiction (Municipality) located within the incorporated City of Santa Clarita, California. The Chief of Police is Honorable Grand Master David Henry 33º was elected and is Governed by a Grand Supreme Council, and 33 Masonic Jurisdictions. He currently oversees a 1/2 Million members throughout the United States.

We are not “Sovereign Citizens’ nor do we condone terrorist activity, sovereign citizens or clandestine!”

Authorities are trying to figure out if these pretend cops actually tried to arrest anyone or if they broke any other laws in the process. Maybe the Masonic Fraternal Police Department can help protect Texas from Jade Helm 15?

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Source: LA Times