25 Pics And Gifs That Show The Lighter Side Of ‘Slender Man’

Two 12-year-old Wisconsin girls stand accused of stabbing their friend 19 times. What was their motive? They were trying to murder their friend (who somehow survived) in the hope it would summon Slender Man. Well that makes sense.

Wait, who the hell is Slender Man?

Slender Man is a fictitious horror character who first appeared on the Web in 2009. Since then, the image of the thin, faceless man in a dark suit has grown into a crowd-sourced Internet boogeyman. He is known for abducting his victims, and seems to target children specifically. Sometimes he has tentacles. Sometimes he does not. But one thing is constant: The Slender Man meme is extremely stupid. How stupid is he? As the following pics will demonstrate, he’s far too stupid to take the blame for some idiots in Wisconsin. Check out the pics for yourself, and I think you’ll find that Slender Man might be a faceless creep, but he’s not all bad.

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