23 Photos You Will Be Shocked By: When You See It!

It used to be that back in the day if you took a photo you would have to wait anywhere between an hour and a week to find out how cool that selfie you snapped was. With digital cameras on everyone’s cell phone we no longer have this issue. We all get the instant gratification of viewing the photo we just took and showing everyone how pretty we are and they are. Yet somehow between the time we look at the screen to line up a pic and the time our fingers hit the button, there is still a magical window of possibilities for your photo to turn into to some sort of creepy Twilight Zone episode where you step into another dimension.

This is probably over selling it.

From hidden faces to hidden penises, and limbs seemingly coming out of nowhere,  who knew that taking a picture could be so freaky?

What is the weirdest thing to ever happen in a picture that you took?

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