22 Complete Job Fails

Work is hard as it is without having to deal with your co-workers screwing it up. Let’s be honest: It’s always their fault when things go wrong, am I right? That’s why we are positive that someone passed the blame on these work related screw ups. From construction workers not able to properly install a toilet, to mislabeled packaging making it into a store; feel confident knowing that you aren’t the only person who works with complete morons. Just be thankful that you don’t have to spend a day in the shoes of the people responsible for these job fails.

1. Who Stocked These Shoe Shelves, RuPaul?

2. Hopefully The Truck Driver Knows To Check For Sleeping Construction Workers

3. She Should Have Learned From George Costanza: You Sleep UNDER The Desk!

4. Well That’s One Way To Get A Car Wash

5.  Let’s Hope He’s A Really Good Mechanic

6. Maybe The Dog Walker Is Not Lazy; The Dog Is Just Really Fast?

7. The Funeral Director Offered The Family A Discount And A Free Dessert

8. The Cameraman Wanted To Make A Cameo

9.  The Bridge Architect Calls This “The Dukes Of Hazard” Gap And Says We Should All “Have Fun With It”

10. This Dump Truck Driver Forgot How To Dump His Truck

11.  Well, If You Put Those Over Your Eyes They Would Be Safe, So Who Failed Now?

12. These Doors Were Installed At Radio Shack, Hope That Doesn’t Hurt Business…

13. Job Fail Of Historic Proportions

14. Either The Stock Boy Can’t Read Or These Shelves Were Stocked By Jesus

15.  “No One Will Notice” – Chocolate Factory Manager

16. The Road Sign Maker Knows You Know What He Means

17. Sadly This Store Is Not In Hawaii

18. Did Evel Knievel Build This Playground?

19. “Is This One For TV Reporting Or TV Channel Changing? Think, damn it!” -Former TV News Reporter

20.  Dick Smith Knew They Should Have Tested These Things First

21.  Just Guessing But The Construction Team Might Have Wanted To Make That Door An “Outie.”

22. Always Proof Reed Before You Publish

Adam Sandler in The Cobbler- gets to try on the life and job of anyone whose shoes he wears! Watch the trailer:

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