22 Awesomely Misspelled Misspellings From Children!

Every parent is excited to when their son or daughter comes home from school with new artwork or a completed written assignment even if there is a glaring mistake. However some of these misspellings below will most likely not end up on the refrigerator.  We like to think of Break as a giant refrigerator for all of the world’s “children” to display their mistakes proudly. So enjoy these misspellings below!  We can be thankful that kids growing up today will eventually be use the spell check on their computer and smart phones. Even if some of these are FAKE, calm down, they are still good for an LOL.

The hat doesn’t help. I think that’s a hat.

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He’s not wrong. A +

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Family is about love no matter what.

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At least he will wait until he is 16 or 20.

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Best Mother’s Day Card ever.

[[contentId: 2650598| alt: ]]

How much does it cost to get into Father’s Day Land? Do they do that “bring a Coke can” for a discount thing?

[[contentId: 2650599| alt: ]]

Satan also loves milk and cookies.

[[contentId: 2650600| alt: | style: height:667px; width:500px]]

Wait, what was it supposed to say?

[[contentId: 2650601| alt: ]]

I am never eating at Buzz Light Year’s bakery.

[[contentId: 2650602| alt: | style: height:674px; width:504px]]

Best elephant ever.

[[contentId: 2650603| alt: | style: height:678px; width:508px]]

Damn, what did she do?

[[contentId: 2650604| alt: ]]

Sort of a random statement after giving the date.

[[contentId: 2650605| alt: ]]

It’s good to label that sort of bucket.

[[contentId: 2650606| alt: ]]

What sort of accountant works on this account?

[[contentId: 2650607| alt: ]]

Make sure to wear protection… from the sun, when at the beach.

[[contentId: 2650608| alt: ]]

In different area codes?

[[contentId: 2650609| alt: ]]

That is a valid excuse.

[[contentId: 2650610| alt: ]]

Renee lets her feelings be known.

[[contentId: 2650611| alt: ]]

Honest mistake.

[[contentId: 2650612| alt: ]]

April Ham Licon was the most tasty president.

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