21 Things That Look Like A Face

A great man once said “I always feel like somebody’s watching me. And I have no privacy! Oh oh ooooh!”

Well if Rockwell spent time around any of these objects he might have experienced something called Pareidolia where our brains see patterns in random images. This is the reason we see “faces” in inanimate objects such as “The Face On Mars.”

OK this is actually from an ancient alien civilization and part of a NASA cover-up.

But geological formations on another planet aren’t the only objects where we see cute, angry and downright scary faces. Anything can have a face from ice chips, to toast to industrial cement mixers and that chair from Pee Wee’s Playhouse. So watch your back, because you never know when something is watching you. What’s the weirdest object you ever saw that had a “face?”

Is This Seat Taken?


Angry Bag Is Angry

Hands Where I Can See Them!

Bing – Bong!

Say “Aaaaaah!”

Happy Purse Is Full Of Cash

What? You Want To Come In Here?

Group Meeting

Happy House Might Be Haunted

Nom, Nom, Nom


Who Wants To Light One Up And Mop?

You Want Me To Do What With That?

Mr. Coffee!

Nope, Not Going To Eat That

New SyFy Movie!

Have You Guys Seen The TP?

Iggy Pop Has A Kuato!


Loaf Is Sleepy, Shhhh!